T-Shirt Trends: The Heavyweight T-Shirt
T-Shirt Trends
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T-Shirt Trends: The Heavyweight T-Shirt

Heavyweight t-shirts are super trendy—everything you need to know, below.

When it comes to t-shirt trends, things are ever-evolving. It's essential to be "in the know." 

We've been customizing t-shirts since 2009, and we know one thing: the heavyweight tee is a timeless classic. 

Here's a rundown of what heavyweight t-shirts are, what they're suitable for, and why they could be worth trying out on your next run of custom t-shirts

What Qualifies as a Heavyweight T-Shirt?

The main qualifier for heavy t-shirts is a t-shirt that weighs around 6 oz. For reference, your standard t-shirt (such as tees like the Next Level 3600 or Bella + Canvas 3001) weighs approximately 3.7 to 4.3 oz, making a heavy t-shirt almost like wearing a shirt and a half.

Heavyweight t-shirts are typically just sewn with heavier cotton, giving them added weight.

Why Would You Want to Wear a Heavier T-Shirt?

You might assume that heavier automatically means rougher or less soft, but that's not necessarily true. A high-quality heavy t-shirt will still feel soft (especially when you print with our SuperSoft Ink), and it can achieve some things for you that a lightweight t-shirt doesn't.

Wearing a heavyweight t-shirt can serve various purposes depending on personal preference and the situation.

A more structured fit. 

Since the fabric of these shirts is significantly heavier, they also have a sturdier, more structured fit. Soft shirts like polyester/cotton blends or tri-blends are wavy and flimsy looking around the edges. In contrast, heavyweight t-shirts maintain sharper lines and a more structured overall fit while still not looking boxy.

Neither is better than the other –– it's simply a preference. But if this sounds like the specific look you're going for, we recommend checking out a heavy t-shirt.

Great for layering. 

The thicker fabric on heavier t-shirts makes them versatile and great for layering. Since they're heavier in weight, they're inherently going to be a little bit warmer. 

This makes the heavy tee more comfortable for Fall, Winter, and early Spring. It pairs just as well underneath a jacket as on its own.

If you're in a colder climate or going outdoors in cooler weather, a heavyweight t-shirt can provide an extra layer of insulation and help keep you warm. The thicker fabric traps more heat close to your body and provides better insulation against cold temperatures.

They're durable and can provide protection. 

Heavyweight t-shirts are typically made with thicker, more robust fabric, which makes them more durable and long-lasting. They can withstand frequent washing and wear without quickly wearing out or developing holes.

The thicker material of a heavyweight t-shirt can also offer protection against minor scrapes, abrasions, or rough surfaces. If you're engaging in activities that involve potential contact with sharp objects or surfaces, a heavyweight t-shirt can act as a barrier and reduce the chances of skin injuries.

They're on-trend and fashion-forward. 

Some individuals prefer the look and feel of heavyweight t-shirts for fashion reasons. The thicker fabric can create a more structured and substantial appearance, which appeals to specific styles or aesthetics.

Great options for work attire. 

In certain professions or industries, where physical labor or rugged conditions are expected, wearing a heavyweight t-shirt can provide added durability and protection. Construction workers, landscapers, or individuals working in similar fields might opt for heavyweight t-shirts as part of their work attire.

Heavyweight t-shirts might not be ideal for everyone or all situations. A lighter, more breathable fabric might be more comfortable in warmer climates or during physical activities that induce sweat. The choice of t-shirt weight depends on factors such as climate, activity level, personal style, and individual comfort preferences.

Some Custom Heavyweight T-Shirts We Recommend:

Hanes 5180 — Beefy-T T-Shirt

Bold and beefy, with just over 6oz of 100% cotton, this tee has been an enduring icon for over 40 years. The Beefy T has a crewneck and tearaway tag and is available in 47 colors and sizes S-6XL.

AS Colour 5080 — Men's Heavy Tee

This heavyweight tee has a boxy, oversized fit with dropped shoulders. It weighs in at a whopping 8.2oz and has a wide, ribbed crewneck. This shirt is also preshrunk to minimize shrinkage and is offered in 10+ colors from sizes S-3XL.  

Los Angeles Apparel 1801GD — S/S Garment Dye Crew Neck 6.5oz

The 1801GD is the heaviest shirt in the Los Angeles Apparel batch but doesn't lose any softness. After the shirt is dyed, it's treated with a natural enzyme wash to give it a natural, broken-in feel from the first wear.

Bella + Canvas 3010 — Men's Heavyweight Street Tee

The Canvas 3010 has a unique fit. Modeled after modern streetwear, this heavy tee has a relaxed cut and dropped shoulders, giving it a more modern, on-trend look. It's bold, but if you're going for a modern streetwear look, this t-shirt is worth taking a risk.

You can be a HEAVYWEIGHT champion- get it?

No boxing or wrestling experience is required. If you know, you know.

Try one of these heavyweight tees if you want to stay ahead of the apparel game! As mentioned, there are many reasons someone might want to wear a heavyweight t-shirt, so keeping those in mind when placing your next custom apparel order is a good idea. Figure out what’s best for you and your intended wearers!

Want to check out more t-shirt trends? Check out our T-Shirt Trends Infographic or custom t-shirts buyer's guide to see what else is "in" right now. 

Also, see how color matching plays a role in creating the highest-quality custom t-shirts! It’s pretty freakin’ cool.

Alright, that’s all for now. We invite you to look around and learn about more super cool custom t-shirt topics- but in the meantime, if you have any questions, we’ve gotchu. 

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