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T-Shirt Trends: The Heavyweight T-Shirt
T-Shirt Trends
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T-Shirt Trends: The Heavyweight T-Shirt

Heavyweight t-shirts are gaining popularity. About the trend, and our favorite heavyweight tees.

We’re always on the lookout for the newest t-trends here at Real Thread. While attending a screen printing conference earlier this year, we talked to the manufacturers of your favorite brands to see what t-shirt trends they predict will emerge in the year ahead, and there was one thing that almost all of them mentioned: heavyweight t-shirts.

Here's a rundown of what heavyweight t-shirts are, what they’re good for, and why they could be worth trying out on your next run of t-shirts.

What Qualifies as a Heavy T-Shirt?

The main qualifier for heavy t-shirts is a t-shirt that weighs around 6 oz. For reference, your standard t-shirt (like the Next Level 3600 or Canvas 3001) weighs roughly around 3.7 and 4.3 oz, making a heavy t-shirt almost like wearing a shirt and a half.

Heavyweight t-shirts are typically just sewn together with a heavier cotton, which is what gives them the added weight.

Why Would You Want to Wear a Heavier T-Shirt?

You might assume that heavier automatically means rougher or less soft, but that’s not necessarily the case. The right heavy t-shirt will still really soft, and it can achieve some things for you that a standard weight t-shirt doesn’t.

A more structured fit. Since the fabric of these shirts is significantly heavier, they also have a sturdier, more structured fit. Really soft shirts like polyester/cotton blends or tri-blends tend to be kind of wavy and flimsy looking around the edges, whereas heavyweight t-shirts maintain sharper lines and a more structured overall fit while still not looking boxy.

Neither is better than the other –– it’s simply a preference thing. But if this sounds like the specific look you’re going for, we definitely recommend checking out a heavy t-shirt.

Great for layering. The thicker fabric on heavier t-shirts makes them really versatile and great for layering. Since they’re heavier, they’re inherently going to be a little bit warmer. This makes the heavy tee more comfortable to wear during Fall, Winter, and even early Spring. It pairs just as well underneath a jacket as it does on its own.

Lasts extra extra long. Since heavier t-shirts are made with a more weighty fabric, they’re probably going to last longer than standard t-shirts before they start to tear or get holes in them.

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Heavyweight T-Shirts We Recommend

The Canvas 3091 is the heavyweight equivalent of a Bella+Canvas staple, the 3001. 100% cotton, a retail fit, and an all around great looking t-shirt. If you’re looking for a good heavy t-shirt to get started on, this is it.

You can consider this one the original heavyweight t-shirt. Comfort Colors was forever associated with fraternity/sorority t-shirts, but it’s starting to catch on everywhere. We even spotted it in Chance the Rapper’s online shop. Seems to be a good indication that it’s in right now.

A new addition to Los Angeles Apparel’s line, the 1801GD is the heaviest shirt in the batch, but doesn’t lose any softness. After the shirt is dyed, it’s treated with a natural enzyme wash to give it a natural, broken-in feel from the first wear.

The Canvas 3010 has a fit unique to itself. Modeled after modern streetwear, this heavy tee has a relaxed cut and dropped shoulders, giving it a more modern, on-trend look. It’s bold, but if you’re going for a modern streetwear look, this t-shirt is worth taking a risk on.

If you’re looking to stay ahead in the apparel game, give one of these wholesale heavy t-shirts a try! Printing your next design on a heavier t-shirt will give your wearers something new, and keep you out in front of the newest t-shirt trends.

Want to check out more t-shirt trends? Download our T-Shirt Trends Infographic to see what else is on the rise.