How to Design a Great Shirt

A great t-shirt and a great design go hand in hand. When creating your design, there are a few things you should consider to help you create an amazing design.

How To Create Custom Printed Tags For Your Shirts (Plus 10 Examples!)

Want to stand out? Include custom printed tags in your next t-shirt design! They are a great way to go the extra mile for your customers, clients and fans. Here's some information that you need to know in order to create the best custom tag. Plus, we've included 10 printed tag examples to pull inspiration from. 

Using Negative Space In Your T-shirt Design

Negative space in a design, is the space that surrounds certain elements of the object. The negative space draws attention to the positive space, or the design elements, of the subject. Here’s why using negative space in your t-shirt design is so effective:

What Makes A Great Shirt

We talked to a few individuals and asked “What makes a good shirt?” to find out what people really want in the perfect custom printed t-shirt. Here’s a summary of what we heard back: 

7 Tips on How to Start a Clothing Line

Starting a clothing line may seem like a daunting task to some. But it doesn't have to be! If you are considering the right things, you can set yourself up for success and avoid any headaches in the future.

How to Start An $18 Million Design Company

Nathan Bond, co-­founder and CEO of Rifle Paper Co., has occasionally learned the hard way, but he's also taken big risks which have lead to great success.

He gives an enlightening lesson in manufacturing, offering value to your customers while keeping margins strong, and growing your brand fast!

20 Ways You Can Use Custom T-shirts in 2016

Here's a complete list of 20 ways you can use custom t-shirts in 2016. It includes everything from family reunions to lead generation. Creating custom or personalized t-shirts are a great way to bring people together, grow your business or celebrate big accomplishments. Whether big or small, there's always a reason for a shirt. So, how are you planning on using shirts in 2016?

How Inch X Inch is Giving Back to the Design Community + A Big Giveaway!

Real Thread recently teamed up with Inch X Inch and collaborated on a newly designed RT button that was included in a recent subscription pack. We’re so excited about this, the two of our companies wanted to join forces for the best giveaway of the new year. Enter to win and learn a little bit more about how Inch X Inch is giving back this year!

The Best Design Trends To Use In 2016

The new year has begun, and with this comes the desire for change and a fresh start. We want to help you start out the year right, creating amazing things your audience will love and talk about. Whether it’s using an unexpected combination of colors, or experimenting with some new typefaces. We’ve put together a list of the biggest design trends for 2016. 

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