Why Fiction Uses Custom Printed T-shirts

Fiction (FCTN), a creative video production company, focuses on crafting visual experiences through film as well as creating original content though equipment test, documentary and ad work. They also recently launched their new custom apparel line Fiction Brand - all uniquely designed apparel for creators! Check out our quick interview with FCTN.

How Summit Church Uses Custom Printed T-shirts

Summit church, a multi-site church, strives to reach and serve the surrounding community. With people at different walks in in life, they provide the resources and tools to help people take their right next step to connect with God and other people. Check out our quick interview with Summit Church. 

How Cloak & Dapper Uses Custom Branded T-shirts

Cloak & Dapper is your one stop retail shop delivering the best USA made products around! They’ve eliminated hours of browsing the internet and simplified your search to one place, where you can find goods such as clothes, grooming supplies, barware and even vinyls! Check out our quick interview with Cloak & Dapper.

Why Purple Rock Scissors Uses Custom Branded T-shirts

Purple Rock Scissors (PRPL) is an Orlando-based digital creative agency. They are home of innovators, creatives and engineers who focus on digital strategy, user experience, building relationships and driving measurable results! They have been using custom branded t-shirts as a tool to shape their brand and culture over the years and here's why. Check out our quick interview with PRPL.

Win 36 Free Custom Printed T-shirts!

We’re so excited about the new Real Thread rebrand and website that we want to give away some fun free stuff to show how thankful we are for all the love and support.

6 Inspirational T-shirt Ideas for Your Next Custom Printed Shirt!

There are so many options when it comes to designing and having your shirts printed. You have to pick a shirt style, shirt color, ink colors and decide if you want to add any additional details like custom screen-printed tags. We've gathered a few images, of some recent printed apparel, that we thought could help inspire your next printed design. Check it out!

Why we chose to rebrand

Almost two years ago, we set out to reimagine our customer’s online experience. There is a lot that goes into that experience as you try to figure out how to begin creating your next favorite t-shirt.

Why T-shirts Will Be Your Best Marketing Strategy

Trying to get someone to commit to using your service or buying your product can be a difficult task when you’re trying to swim upstream in a era of product, service and content overload. However, you can stand out and here’s how: Invest in a marketing strategy that will get used, worn and talked about.

Your key to marketing strategy success is creating custom printed t-shirts, with an amazing branded design, that will get worn over and over again by employees, customers and your biggest brand evangelist! Let others help you spread the good news, stand out and get talked about.

How To Get Effective Feedback On Your Next Design

Receiving constructive feedback is valuable to improving your design and reaching your ultimate goal. The process of having someone else review your work will get you various perspectives as to how the design is received and help make sure your work is well understood.

What makes a “bad” t-shirt design?

Believe it or not “bad” designs get printed all the time. We’ve put together a list of 3 main areas where we see people fail at creating good t-shirt design and why it’s considered “bad”. 

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