Watch: Everything You Need to Know About Scoop Neck T-Shirts

Wide neck, scoop neck, that-new-trendy-style neck; this new t-shirt style goes by a lot of names. Whatever you want to call it, there’s one thing we can all agree on one — they’re in right now. Check out our video review, and recommendations of our favorite scoop neck t-shirt products.

Long Sleeves, Hoodies, & Sweaters: The 4 Best To Try On This Fall

Fall is a time of transition. Weather changes from hot to cool, leaves change from green to brown, and every food changes from normal to pumpkin. So in the spirit of Fall, why not make some changes in your custom apparel as well? Here’s a list of our four favorite t-shirt alternatives that are perfect to try out this Fall.

3 Easy Steps For Creating Vintage T-Shirts

There’s nothing better than a nice, worn-in t-shirt. Don’t get me wrong, a fresh new shirt with bright, vibrant colors is great as well, but there’s a unique feeling about a wonderfully worn t-shirt that you keep around for years. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create that look and feel right away though? Well, we’ve got a secret for you: you can.

The Definitive Guide to Ordering Women’s Custom T-Shirts

Ordering women’s t-shirts is notoriously tricky. Each cut is unique, and each person even more so, which can make finding the perfect sizes, fits and styles an exhausting task. If you’re not a t-shirt expert, you’ll have no clue about the weird quirks that comes with each specific shirt, and the tricks that help you order the right ones. Luckily, we know some t-shirt experts.

To help, we decided to ask three of the women at Real Thread HQ to share their best advice on ordering women’s custom t-shirts, and what you can do to make sure you get a t-shirt that you’ll love.

American Apparel Is Back — Here’s What We Know So Far:

This week, American Apparel officially relaunched under the same name, and with the same basic arsenal of t-shirts that we’ve all worn and loved. But they didn’t spend half a year in limbo doing nothing — so, what exactly has changed? What stayed the same? And what can we expect from American Apparel t-shirts moving forward?

How T-Shirt Fulfillment & Dropshipping Will Unlock Your Productivity

So you started a t-shirt shop online and it’s taking off. Congrats! However, to meet demand, you have to order more t-shirts, and with that, find a place to store them —  yikes. And on top of that, you’re spending way more time packaging and shipping t-shirts that you ever thought you would be. Growing pains are real, but we know of a way to fix it, and it’s easier than you think. Introducing: Fulfillment by Real Thread.

Introducing: the Wear Happiness Video Series

Here at Real Thread, we absolutely subscribe to the thought that your greatest work will happen when you love what you do. That’s why we’re launching the Wear Happiness video series, where we’ll be documenting and sharing inspirational stories of extraordinary people who love what they do and create great work.

11 Amazing Event Booths from the Agenda Festival

The Agenda Festival isn’t your average trade show. Check your notions of a bland, corporate event setting at the door. This show is full of the world’s most vibrant, stylish, and forward-thinking apparel companies setting up creative booths that perfectly encapsulate their brand and invite people in to learn more.

7 Tips On Writing Product Descriptions That Downright Work

Everybody writes, but not everybody writes well. For many people who write product descriptions, common practice is to throw a couple of sentences on a product page and call it a day. However, good and thoughtful writing can do great great things for your product at retail.

Introducing Lightning: 2-Day Custom T-Shirt Service

Let’s face it. We live in an era where just about anything we need is at our fingertips, and at our doorstep faster than we ever thought possible. If we need something, we need it now. Why should it be any different when it comes to your custom t-shirts? Having your t-shirts when you need them is important, and to serve this need better, we created our new 2-day turnaround service, Lightning!

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