How to design t-shirts that resonate with your audience

Think about the world’s most iconic t-shirts. I ❤️ NY, Keep calm and ___, Just Do It –– what do all of these t-shirts have in common? What’s the common thread that makes these t-shirts resonate with so many people?

How to determine your profit potential with Fundit

If you haven't heard, earlier this year we launched a Fundit, a new, easier way to make money selling t-shirts online. In this post, we'll outline how profit margins work on Fundit campaigns so that you can make the best decisions for you or your organization while launching a Fundit campaign and maximize your profit.

9 surprising t-shirt and ink color combinations that actually work together

It’s easy to play by the rules when it comes to t-shirt design. There are conventional sets of colors that people would generally agree to go well together. But there are loads of less conventional (but equally cool) color options out there that are sure to make your t-shirts look refreshing and original.

In this blog, we explore some of the lesser used sections of the color spectrum to come up with 9 unique t-shirt/ink color combos that actually work well together.

Creative career advice: Relatable lessons from 6 successful creatives

A career in the creative world can feel like a long, lonely road. The field is competitive, and as a creative, it’s all too easy to begin comparing your work to others’ in a way that can seriously harm your growth and your confidence.

Something that helps: knowing that you’re not the only one. Since these struggles are almost universal, we compiled advice from six creatives who made it big time to see what they have done to remain mentally fresh and confident as a designer or creator.

Essential eCommerce tools for running your online business

The first few months of starting an online business can be overwhelming. You’ve put loads of time into crafting your brand and products, and they might be great, but unless you were on Shark Tank or run in a circle of mega-famous Instagram influencers, getting the word out on your new business can be difficult, leaving you feeling lost in the large wilderness of the internet.

To help you find your way, we put together a list of our favorite eCommerce marketing tools that will help you grow and manage your budding online brand. 

Your complete guide to creating custom printed labels for your t-shirts (Plus 10 Examples!)

Custom printed labels are an awesome way to put your t-shirts one step ahead of the rest. They’re comfortable, stylish, and give your brand a lot of extra authority. When a lot of people are ordering custom t-shirts, they don’t know that a feature of this quality is accessible to them, but it is! 

We’re here to show you that custom printed labels for more than attainable for your next t-shirt order, what information you need to include, and show you 10 beautiful custom tag examples.

Launching your creative career with Tinlun Studio's Terence Tang

There are a lot of creatives in the corporate world who are facing a similar struggle. Can I be doing more? Am I doing my best creative work here? 

While a place on a corporate design team can be a perfect landing spot for a lot of people, it’s not for every designer, and if you’re in a role that isn’t pushing you creatively, it’ll have you daydreaming of leaping from your cubicle to your own studio or freelance career.

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