Fun new products (like hats and tote bags) are here, just in time for summer 😎 Don't see what you're looking for? Just let us know!
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Pink sweatshirt with a lighter pink embroidered design
Blonde haired girl wearing a light pink fuzzy sweater with custom embroidery
A black snapback hat with custom white embroidery

Custom Embroidery

We're more than just ink and water

Custom embroidery options that are a thread above the rest.

Low minimums

Order as few as 20 items to get your project started.

Lightning fast delivery

Try our 2-day service and get your garments by date.

Money back guarantee

Count on us being on time with each and every order.

Custom embroidery types

Made for showing off your brand in a whole new way.
Looking to add a texture to your custom apparel game? We’ve got you covered. Real Thread now offers custom embroidery for your shirts and jackets, hoodies and hats, bags and beyond in three unique style options.

Custom embroidered garments

From t-shirts and hats to hoodies and beanies, we have you covered.
A black dad hat with white embroidery sits on a concrete floor.

Custom embroidered hats

Choose from a variety of different hat and beanie styles to embroider your designs on. Styles include baseball hats, trucker hats, dad caps, beanies, and more.
A Nike zip-up jacket with custom embroidery

Embroidered jackets & performance wear

Embroidery opens up a massive variety of performance, jackets, and outerwear garments. Choose from brands like Next Level and Bella+Canvas, or even The North Face, Nike, and more.
A white polo with custom embroidery on the front chest and sleeve

Embroidered polo shirts

T-shirts and polos are great, staple garments to promote your brand on. Choose from brand name polos like Nike, Adidas & more.
A light gray sweatshirt with white applique and white embroidery

Embroidered hoodies & sweatshirts

There's nothing better than a soft, cozy sweatshirt or hoodie. These make excellent company gifts to employees, customers, or anyone in between.
A man with tattoos wears a denim apron with custom white embroidery

Custom embroidered aprons

It just got even hotter in the kitchen. Custom aprons are a unique way to protect undergarments while maintaining a consistent look.

Embroidery Process

Made for bringing your vision to life

Our team of stitching wizards are at the ready. Here's how your design goes from cool idea to tangible item.
A woman sits at a laptop to start her design
Step 1
An embroidery machine is ready to start a project
Step 2
A hat is loaded into the embroidery machine
Step 3 *
The needle punctures the hat to embroider it
Step 4
A finished hat with custom embroidered logo
Start the process
Our Philosophy

Made for quality that lasts

Real Thread sets itself apart from other custom embroidery shops by slowing down the stitching in order to maintain control over the quality of the finished product. 

While some shops pump out as many as 11,000 stitches per minute with machinery like ours, our team chooses to max out around 800 stitches per minute—ensuring that the job is done to the highest possible quality, regardless of how many units are in your order.
Man threads needle for embroidery machine

Made for you,
with you

You’ll still get all of the same customer support, care, and quality that you've come to expect from Real Thread—even as we expand our service offerings to allow for maximum customization. Our team is always on deck waiting to walk alongside you to bring your vision to life. Feeling crippled by indecision or overwhelmed by choice? We feel you. Get in touch and we’ll have you on your way to embroidery perfection in no time.
A girl with pink hair and a pink embroidered hat dances

Start your embroidery order

Reach out to our team to start your embroidery order. Fill out the form below and a Real Threader will get back to you in under two hours.

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Custom embroidery FAQs

Where can I order the best custom embroidery?

Well, we may be biased, but we think you came to the right place. Have more specific questions about how to get started? Contact us.

How do you make a custom embroidery design?

We take your beautiful work of art, digitize it, and enter it into our software. From there we optimize the stitching choosing one of two types: Satin stitching (which stitches back and forth only and is used for smaller areas) or fill stitching (in which the stitching direction can be adjusted to compensate for fabric structure and pulling).

What file types can I send my design to you in?

Basic visual files like PDF, EPS and JPEG work. If you can send in a vector art file, though, it’s  preferred as we can easily manipulate it if adjustments based on threading need to be made.

How many colors can my embroidered design have?

In practice an embroidered design can have up to 15 colors, but a practical application would be 7 to 8. Even then that’s still a little high—embroidery works best when it's simple and not muddled up by an overly busy design.

Can I order embroidery on any product?

With embroidery, the fabric that your garment is made of matters less than the shape of the garment itself. In order to be loaded into our embroidery machine and ensure stability during the stitching process, a product should be laid perfectly flat. With that being said, the most complicated pieces to embroider are baseball caps/dad hats, due to their shape. For this reason, hat orders may take a bit longer than others. Need your hats stat? Let us know and we’ll try to make it work!

How big can my design be?

Embroidery designs are typically smaller, but if you want to go big try to keep it in the range of 10 x 10, 11, or 12 inches.

What is the average turnaround time for embroidery?

We take great pride in our turnaround times—because we know that as soon as you approve your order, you’ll be waiting with bated breath for the mailman to come a-knockin’. That being said, embroidery is a delicate process (even with high-tech machinery like ours!) and we want to make sure your design is perfect. The faster the stitching, the more the fabric is pulled—which can cause it to warp and spread. Intricate embroidery orders may take a bit longer for this reason.

With our machine, we can finish up to 50 pieces in 3 hours. This includes set up time which may take an hour. Orders using specialized services—like puff embroidery—may also have a longer turn time because the material is thicker, requiring a slower stitching process.

Blown away by our embroidery offerings and need something stat? We will always do our best to get your goods in hand when you need them, even if you’re working with a tight deadline—so let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Why do you offer embroidery now? I thought you were a screen printing company.

We are! We still love screen printing—but most of all, we’re just passionate about offering quality custom apparel options that are nice to the planet, and custom embroidery fits the bill! Curious about what we’re doing to try to move the needle? Learn more about our commitment to the planet here.

Do you do custom embroidery patches?

You bet! They're not in our product builder yet—but fill out our embroidery request form and they'll be calling you Patch Adams in no time.

Do you do custom embroidered pillows?

Yes, we can embroider your design on a pillow! And blankets, too. So soft that counting sheep will be a thing of the past. They're not in our product builder yet—but fill out our embroidery request form and we'll get with you to make sleep magic happen.