Glow is an amazing special effect print style. In the daylight, our glow in the dark inks have a nearly white appearance. If you want to see the full potential of this ink, expose it to at least 30 seconds of sunlight and then walk into a dark room. It glows like no other! If you want to stand out even more, ask us about custom glow colors. Our glow in the dark inks are water based and still very soft after a wash.

Turnaround: If it’s standard glow color, there’s no additional turnaround. Custom glow color + 10 days.

The brightness of the glow will fade over time. We’ve seen 20 washes still glow very well, but know that the intensity of the glow will fade with more and more washes. Before being washed, the ink will have a light feeling too it. However, once washed, it’s nearly just as soft as our standard discharge ink.

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