Custom Camp T-Shirts Worth Singing Around the Fire About
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Custom Camp T-Shirts Worth Singing Around the Fire About

Break out the s'mores—here's everything you need to know about designing custom shirts for camps.

What do most great camping trips have in common?

You, your family or friends, an open fire, and the occasional scramble to fight off a wild raccoon from taking your bag of marshmallows at 3 in the morning. 

(Not the last thing? Okay.)

Do you know what doesn’t go well with this picture? Crappy t-shirts. Basically worthy of incorporating into your next spooky campfire story, because a bad t-shirt can be truly fear-inducing.

High-quality custom t-shirts can be a camp game changer—especially if you're planning a camp gathering for a large group of people. To do camp shirts right, though, you have to consider a few important things that will ensure your custom design becomes the wearable souvenir your attendees will come back to again and again.

Your camp t-shirt design — some key players

Our sustainably sourced materials are made from an excellent variety of top-tier fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and rayon—or a tri-blend of all 3! 

Then, there are our ink selections. Other competitors get in the habit of using cheap, synthetic make-ups of plastic-based ink that simply do not produce a longstanding design. Negative effects like peeling, cracking, and fading in the wash are avoidable with our water-based inks—SuperSoft or Bold, depending on the look you're going for. For example: if you're looking for a vintage summer camp t-shirt vibe, printing on a tri-blend with our SuperSoft ink will make all of your retro vibes come true.

Color is critical in making your custom camp shirt stand out—and when designing your own summer camp t-shirt, you can feel confident knowing that we can color-match to any Pantone shade for the most seamless color blend possible. 

Yellows, whites, oranges, earth tones, and black are a few of the color schemes that come to mind for a more authentic camp shirt design. If you're struggling with how to best bring your design to life, our art team has a ton of industry knowledge and expertise—including staying up to date on the latest apparel trends—so we can definitely help you find that perfect shade.

The font you choose can also go a long way in making your design feel unique, ownable, and specific to your event.

Why custom camp shirts matter

An original, lightweight camp t-shirt will give you comfort and peace of mind for any group trip you’re on—including times when you really wish you had a mute button for the cacophony of screaming children fighting over the last Twinkie (or *insert other sugar-filled junk food here*).

Think back on the camp days of your past—or even any large event you've been to. Chances are, you've still got a couple of t-shirts in your drawer from these moments. I sometimes joke that my t-shirt drawer is basically a resume, containing artifacts from every major event/season of my life. There's something to that, though—and it's part of why creating unique, specific custom t-shirts for events is such a good idea. Wearing the same thing creates a sense of unity among attendees, both while actually at the event and then beyond.

We've seen people do all sorts of creative things with their camp shirts—from having attendees sign the garment on the last day of camp (almost like a wearable yearbook), to sewing together multiple years worth of shirts to create the ultimate cozy souvenir in the form of a t-shirt blanket (which makes choosing super-soft t-shirts like ours even more important).

Not just for around the campfire

It doesn’t have to be summer for you to rock a summer camp t-shirt. Sure, you might not have been back at Camp Holland the Summer of ‘76, but who cares? What we love the most about camp t-shirts is the fact that they're both nostalgic and trendy all at once. It's kind of like the appeal of the NASA shirt that's basically always in style—it brings us back to a time that feels vintage and retro and cool, while not feeling "dated" in an unappealing way.

Looking to bring the camp t-shirt look to your non-camp designs? We've seen this look surge in popularity among customers—many of whom are not actually running camps. Have a company retreat coming up? Simply looking to jazz up your staff shirts a bit this time around? Opting for a "camp shirt" vibe can be a fun way to bring the warm fuzzies to your team and create a fun "theme" around your time together. We channeled this concept in a recent staff shirt design and they were a total hit.

All of that to say: back by popular demand, camp-style shirts add a far-out look to your wardrobe. Put that mirror in your back pocket, Johnny Bravo: ‘cause you’re going to need it. 

The best part of it all is that it’s designed by you. Whether your summer camp t-shirt is intended for big family reunions or work-related team events, we give you the ultimate canvas and tools to lay your ultimate camp t-shirt ideas on. So grab the marshmallows, get the fire going, and let's bring this t-shirt dream to life!

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