What Exactly is a Tri-Blend?
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What Exactly is a Tri-Blend?

Get the rundown on this mysterious t-shirt fabric, and recommendations for amazing tri-blend shirts.

Tri-blend t-shirts, have you heard of them? Whether you're a seasoned fashion enthusiast or just someone who appreciates clothing that feels heavenly against your skin, tri-blend fabric is a revelation you want to take advantage of. 

With over a decade of experience in custom apparel, we proudly consider ourselves experts in t-shirts. We're passionate about quality tees, and introducing you to the wonders of tri-blend fabric is our pleasure.

Only some people delve more deeply into the intricacies of t-shirts than we do. When confronted with choosing a t-shirt based on its fabric composition, it's easy to feel a little lost. The material of a t-shirt can profoundly influence its appearance, texture, and overall quality.

Generally, t-shirts fall into three primary material categories:

  1. 100% Cotton
  2. Cotton/Polyester Blend
  3. Tri-Blend

The first two categories, 100% cotton, and cotton/polyester blends, are self-explanatory. But what exactly does "tri-blend" mean? Let's explore this intriguing fabric.

Unveiling the Secrets of Tri-Blend Fabric

A tri-blend fabric is a carefully crafted blend of three distinct materials: cotton, polyester, and rayon. Among these, rayon stands out as the enigmatic member, being the least common and somewhat of a mystery. Originally designed as an alternative to silk, rayon boasts an incredibly soft texture.

Composed of cellulose fibers, it also possesses moisture-absorbing properties, making it an excellent choice for athletic and athleisure wear. However, rayon, on its own, wouldn't make an ideal t-shirt material due to its lightweight, thin, and drapey nature. It's when combined with cotton and polyester that the magic happens, resulting in a nearly perfect fabric.

How Does a Tri-Blend Shirt Feel?

Tri-blend t-shirts are exceptionally soft. Adding rayon and polyester imparts a subtle stretch and an extra layer of softness, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. If you appreciate the feeling of luxury against your skin, tri-blends are a dream come true.

In terms of weight, tri-blends are on the lighter side. If you prefer a thicker, heavyweight option, look elsewhere. However, if you're fond of a light and breathable t-shirt, you'll find your match in tri-blends.

What About Prints on Tri-Blend Shirts?

Tri-blend shirts are particularly well-suited for faded, vintage-style prints. When you print with water-based and discharge ink, the ink removes the color of the cotton in the fabric and replaces it with the ink's color. This process results in natural heathering in the shirt, creating a distinctive aesthetic.

As seen in the image above, the print results on tri-blends are less vibrant compared to those on 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends. It's not better or worse; it's about achieving a unique, vintage look. 

Tri-blends are the perfect choice if you're aiming for a naturally heathered print. However, if that's different from your style, exploring options in 100% cotton or polyester/cotton blends might be more appealing.

It's important to note that achieving a bright, solid print on a tri-blend is possible. For instance, using our Bold ink will produce a print with a different feel than our SuperSoft Ink, but it still looks great, doesn't crack or peel, and adds a pop of vibrancy to your design.

Do Tri-Blend Shirts Shrink?

Tri-blends undergo minimal shrinkage compared to 100% cotton shirts. While there may be a slight size reduction, it won't significantly impact the overall fit of the garment over time.

Exploring Tried and True Tri-Blend Tees

If you're not sure where to begin your search for the perfect tri-blend tee, we've compiled a list of some of the finest options available:

  1. American Apparel TR401- Triblend Short Sleeve Track T-Shirt
  2. Bella + Canvas 3413- Unisex Triblend Tee
  3. Next Level Apparel 6010- Men’s Triblend Crew
  4. Next Level Apparel 6051- Triblend Unisex ¾ Raglan
  5. Bella + Canvas 8413- Women’s Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Tee
  6. Bella + Canvas 8430- Triblend Racerback Tank
  7. Next Level Apparel 6710- Women’s Tri-Blend Crew
  8. Next Level Apparel 6733- Women’s Tri-Blend Racerback Tank
  9. Allmade AL2004- Unisex Tri-Blend Crewneck T-Shirt
  10. Bella + Canvas 3513- Unisex Triblend Long Sleeve Jersey Tee
  11. Bella + Canvas 6415- Women’s Relaxed Triblend Short Sleeve V-Neck
  12. Next Level Apparel 6071- Men’s Tri-Blend L/S Crew
  13. Bella + Canvas 3413T- Toddler Triblend Short Sleeve Tee

Wanna Experience a Tri-Blend Tee For Yourself?

Now that you've uncovered the magic of tri-blend t-shirts and explored some of the best choices on the market, are you feeling inspired to embrace custom tri-blend tees? 

Whether searching for ultra-soft tees for a family reunion barbecue or gearing up for a corporate 5k event, tri-blend t-shirts are the answer.

And remember, custom apparel is our forte. Our dedicated team of product specialists and customer success managers is here to guide you in selecting the perfect tees for your unique needs.

We've got your back, and we salute you. *salutes you*

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