How To Use Swag To Go Viral
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How To Use Swag To Go Viral

Ever been curious on how to make your brand go viral using custom swag? Read on to learn more.

Within every media sphere, a brand tries to be the next big thing and create the next great viral campaign. From classics like the ALS Bucket Challenge and IHOP's adoption of the "B" to the everchanging TikTok trends, viral campaigns stay at the forefront of people's minds.  

While diving headfirst into a viral campaign to gain prominent eyes and coverage can be alluring, you must remember that only some go viral. Understanding the intricacies of online marketing and virality is critical in attempting to be the next big contender in branding. Swag is an excellent vehicle for companies to break into the market because of what it offers. It is, however, essential to understanding what swag is and why you're using it.

What is Swag?

The definition of swag has shifted and morphed over time, but for our purposes, swag refers to physical items that represent your brand. Because the definition itself is so broad, it creates many unique opportunities in what you can offer as "swag." From buttons and shirts to donuts based on the two-colored dress, there are many creative ways to embody your brand while participating in or even creating the trend. This plays into the essence of viral marketing, as creating something unique and meaningful drives increased traffic. Just make sure you're creative in your offerings. If it's a branded shirt, is the design fun and fresh? If it's a pen, can it serve another purpose? Think outside the box.

Creative swag creates a more engaging, intimate experience, as consumers will have something physical to remember about the campaign and the brand. Covering brand loyalty and recognition are only a few benefits of using swag to create a viral campaign. While being creative and fun are the main factors in creating viral success, why you do it can make or break the swag campaign. Intent matters no matter what your campaign is trying to achieve, folks.

Why Intent is Key

The driving force behind any successful viral campaign is its intent. Are you simply trying to increase engagement or showcase what your brand stands for?  These are the big questions you ask yourself. Consumers on all fronts can sniff out when a campaign is disingenuous. Authenticity is one of the main ways to grip people long-term.

Some of the most successful viral marketing campaigns have meaning behind their actions.  Embrace the human experience and find a way to create a message with your campaign that either tugs at the heartstrings or is relatable.  Dove's Real Beauty Sketches campaign nails this concept. Dove created a meaningful connection with their audience by utilizing a crime sketch artist to showcase how people are more beautiful than they see themselves.

Making your campaign more human will help it make a more significant impact, and impact means more word-of-mouth travel. If one of your brand's core values is being eco-conscious, revolve your campaign and swag around that. Create swag from ethically sourced materials that are environmentally friendly while still being fashion-forward. Be you without sacrificing the quality you stand for.

Every idea won't be a hit, but brainstorming and finding ways to incorporate your brand's "why" into the big picture of the campaign will boost its chances to stand out.

Let us Help

Now that you've figured out what swag is and the why behind viral campaigns, we're here to help you make your campaign a reality. It can be overwhelming, but that's why we're here. We have various swag offerings, from hats and hoodies to custom t-shirts. Swag you can rock can create some real, long-lasting brand loyalists. If clothes are a bad fit and you have products ready, our fulfillment team can help you with the logistics of packaging and shipment! Still, do you need some guidance with your swag? Our primary team can guide you through the process to pinpoint your exact needs and bring your campaign to life.

Take the risk and use swag in your next extensive marketing campaign. You may be the next viral superstar in the market.

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