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While conferences and events have looked a bit different over the past year, that doesn't mean event swag has to. As things start to return to normal, bring a sense of normalcy and comfort to your events (whether they be virtual or live) by providing your attendees with some soft, stylish swag that will make them feel connected whether they're near or far.

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Swag for events
When it comes to buying swag for our team and clients, it’s an easy “yes” to give our favorite custom tee creators a call. Forever a fan of Real Thread!
Alayna Mines
Alayna Mines
Head of Sales

Enhance your event experience — whether virtual or live

Souvenir shops exist for a reason—humans *loveee* having little tangible bits of an experience that they can take away from it and look back on (or wear) for years to come.

It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the entire event space looked and operated throughout 2020. In this year's weird in-between state (as some events start to come back into the in-person realm & some remain virtual), REALLY COOL SWAG is a dependable, tried-and-true method of building camaraderie and excitement around your event—no matter how/where it is taking place.

Added bonus: conversation-starting swag will have your attendees forever indebted to you as they navigate the treacherous waters of ~social interaction~ after a year of isolation 😜

At Real Thread, not only can we print your custom t-shirt (or another fun option like custom hats or custom tote bags) but we can also ship each one directly to your virtual event attendees via our in-house Fulfillment team. And with custom packaging, we can even recreate the feeling of receiving your swag bag in the conference hall.

However you slice it, ordering swag—whether you're the event host or a sponsor OR the event is in-person or virtual—will seriously enhance your entire event experience and will have attendees talking long after the final speaker's closing words.

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Ship directly to virtual attendees

From our Real Thread HQ, we'll print your requested items—and then our fulfillment team will get to work obtaining any other swag items you'd like to send in one package. Remember, if you don't find the product you're looking for on our site, contact us and we'll work with you to find the perfect garment for your needs.

Seamlessly collect sizes and preferences

We'll create an easy-to-use custom form that you can share with your attendees to collect their info—complete with your organization's branding.

Keep your brand top-of-mind

Want to make sure your attendees instantly know you've sent them a surprise? We happily accept custom boxes & poly mailers (just send us the goods!) and will package your swag items in the branded packaging you provide.

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