Our SuperSoft ink is uniquely formulated ink which gives you unbelievably soft prints. Everyone loves to wear super soft t-shirts, so we built our SuperSoft ink line with exactly that in mind. The end result leaves you with an incredibly soft ink which soaks right into your incredibly soft shirt! Say goodbye to the rough, cracking & peeling inks of the past. Say hello new favorite t-shirt.

What is our SuperSoft ink?

Our SuperSoft ink is a custom formulated water based ink. Water based ink is a special type of decorative ink that literally soaks into the fabric instead of sitting on top of it, as our bold ink does. SuperSoft can be used on light or dark colored shirts and allows for a bright print that has a “pop” factor. Since the fabric isn’t compromised by the ink, garments are left with a super soft touch and feel. You literally won’t even feel the print on the shirt, which is one of the many benefits of our SuperSoft inks.

Does it print well on dark shirts?

Absolutely. Our SuperSoft inks work great on both light and dark garments. For printing on darks, our SuperSoft ink is transformed into a water based discharge ink. Discharge ink is still a water based ink that soaks into the shirt’s fabric leaving it super soft. The only difference is that there is a discharge agent mixed into the ink that removes the dye in the shirt during the printing process. Once the dye has been removed, the discharge ink will then re-dye the image area with your desired ink color.

Our SuperSoft ink is what makes Real Thread who we are!

Why use our SuperSoft ink?