2024 T-Shirt Trendwatch
T-Shirt Trends
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2024 T-Shirt Trendwatch

Learn about the t-shirt trends for 2024.

Consider this to be a "T-Shirt Trend Town Hall."

If you've followed Real Thread for a while, you know that there's one thing we love almost as much as cozy, high-quality custom t-shirts. No, it's not office dogs, though they are a very close third place! 

Trends make our world go 'round, and our team is always watching the latest and greatest in t-shirt, swag, and design trends. But while we love mining these trends, our true joy is sharing them with you –– so you can design some excellent custom gear.

Just a few months into 2023, we've already seen the emergence of several new trends (and the return of some classics.) Read on for the full scoop! 

Market with Memories

With so many seemingly identical products hitting the market daily, many businesses need help differentiating themselves from competitors. And with our stuff-driven culture, some consumers are drifting away from things and toward experiences. We're still product people, but we think there's a better way to leave a lasting mark in 2023. 

That's why, for 2022's Adobe Max conference, we popped up with live screen printing sessions. Anyone who visited our booth could get hands-on with super soft t-shirts and bring designs to life. The memories that attendees now have of creating something will last just as long as our high-quality shirts. 

Jump in on this trend by giving out prize swag at local events or mobilizing a community through swag-centric scavenger hunts.   

Wellness Works

Health and wellness have housed countless trends (from neon tights to baggy basketball shorts, to high-tech apparel, and back to neon tights), but health and wellness are also more trendy than ever. And as organizations focus more on their employees' well-being, workout-ready gear becomes an increasingly safe bet. Whether employees pump iron at their local gym, break a sweat in a boutique fitness class, or hit the trails for a jog, breathable branded t-shirts can help boost visibility for your business. But beyond being a marketing tool, investing in your team's wellness journey can pay off productivity, performance, and overall satisfaction. 

Jump in on this trend with Nike Dri-Fit t-shirts customized by the printing pros at Real Thread and office-wide wellness challenges.  

The Retro Revival Rages On

It's not just neon leggings that are back in a big way –– the 70s, 80s, and 90s all seem to be making a comeback simultaneously. On high fashion runways, this shows up in the form of flared denim jeans and prep-school styling. But Real Thread customers seem to channel this retro spirit through radical colors, chillaxed fits, and tubular designs (sorry!) Even your typefaces can lend a vintage vibe to your custom t-shirts. 

Jump in on this trend by opting for throwback designs, relaxed fits, off-duty accessories, and nostalgic neons.  

Sustainability is Here to Stay

Last but certainly not least, the sustainability trend appears more robust than ever. Some of the car game's biggest names are switching to electric power. Reusable water bottles are still the hottest (or coldest) accessory, with Stanley travel mugs replacing Hydroflasks. And clothing designers of all sizes are making strides toward more sustainable production practices. But, while it might seem like bringing new t-shirts into the world is the opposite of sustainable, there are ways to reduce your environmental impact while making a statement. Some companies (we won't name names) use Plastisol, which contains plastics and other harmful chemicals. When products printed with plastic-based inks end up in a landfill, these inks can take forever to break down. Therefore, water-based inks have become the new standard for businesses looking for a sustainable alternative. 

Jump in on this trend by printing with Real Thread's water-based inks (no plastic here!) on cozy, long-lasting blanks. Bonus points for creating a design people will want to wear for years!

Bandwagoners Welcome at Real Thread

There's nothing wrong with hopping on the trend, whether it's sustainability, wellness, experiences, or the return of retro. To decide how your business can make the most of the current t-shirt trends –– and play a part in setting future trends –– get started on your custom order with the team at Real Thread.

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