The Cool Look & Comfortable Feel of Comfort Colors
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The Cool Look & Comfortable Feel of Comfort Colors

Learn why Comfort Colors' instantly recognizable fit & feel make them a custom tee standout.

The t-shirt has a long, storied history. What began as an undershirt issued by the US Navy is now an irreplaceable apparel piece loved and worn by all.

And in that history, few t-shirt manufacturers have made a t-shirt as recognizable, reliable, and widely worn as Comfort Colors. Makers of cool, casual, and of course, comfortable t-shirts and apparel, there’s a good chance you’ve worn one of their shirts before, even if you didn’t know it.

Let’s walk through what we like most about Comfort Colors’ style—and we’ll give you suggestions for some of our favorite Comfort Colors pieces for custom t-shirt orders.

Navy pocket t-shirt with white circle logo against a white background

What makes Comfort Colors great?

Founded almost 50 years ago, Comfort Colors specializes in, in their own words, “making a brand new shirt feel familiar.” Inspired by hues seen in nature, Comfort Colors is known and loved for creating natural, authentic t-shirts with a worn-in look and feel. 

You know that go-to t-shirt that you can’t wait to grab out of your drawer, that just seems to get better with time? That’s the look and feel Comfort Colors specializes in.

By perfecting the art of garment dye, a unique dyeing process in which garments are dyed for color after being stitched together as opposed to before, Comfort Colors gives their t-shirts a cool, vintage look and soft, worn-in feel from the first wear. If that’s the look you’re aiming for, these are the t-shirts for you.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Comfort Colors t-shirt options.

Black sweatshirt with white circle outline logo and O.Z. Tyler spelled out

Best Comfort Colors t-shirts for custom orders

Comfort Colors 4017 | Adult Lightweight Tee

The 4017 from Comfort Colors is one of the most popular t-shirts out there for custom t-shirt orders. Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt is soft, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable.

This shirt is going to have a classic fit — not slim, but not boxy either — making it a great choice for large orders that need to fit a wide variety of people.

Comfort Colors 1717 | Adult Heavyweight Tee

The Comfort Colors 1717 is one of our favorite heavyweight t-shirt options out there. The thicker, heavyweight t-shirt style has been growing in popularity recently, and there aren’t many that do it better than Comfort Colors.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to go with a heavyweight t-shirt — like the more structured fit or the durability — and if that’s your preference, this t-shirt will check all of your boxes.

Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt will have a similar classic fit to its lightweight counterpart we just mentioned above, but with the thicker material, expect it to look just a little bit bulkier. 

Comfort Colors 6030 | Adult Heavyweight Pocket Tee

Though it’s hard to fact-check us on this one, we’re pretty sure it’s almost impossible to walk across any college campus — particularly in the Southeast — without bumping into someone wearing this t-shirt.

The 6030 is the pocket t-shirt version of the heavyweight t-shirt mentioned above, and it has been a staple in the world of fraternities, sororities, and summer camps for years. Though that was its niche early on, the Comfort Colors pocket t-shirt has become far more mainstream recently, and makes a great choice for anyone looking for a cool, relaxed, worn-in custom pocket t-shirt.

Comfort Colors 3333 | Ladies' Midweight Tee

The 3333 is a women’s cut option from Comfort Color. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt falls just between the lightweight and heavyweight unisex options listed above.

This t-shirt, like most women’s cut t-shirts, has a tight fit, so if you choose this option, you might want to consider ordering up a size or two to make sure you get the right fit.

For more on women’s t-shirt recommendations and best practices, make sure to check out our Guide to Ordering Women’s Custom T-Shirts, or our Custom T-Shirt Buyer’s Guide.
White sweatshirt with black X logo on front pocket against a wood background
Long-sleeved Custom Colors tees are a great Fall/Winter move!

Keep it cool with Comfort Colors

Though they started manufacturing t-shirts almost 50 years ago, Comfort Colors is more popular now than ever. With their cool, faded style and comfortable, worn-in feel, these t-shirts will look and feel like your go-to favorite t-shirt right from the first wear.

Want to start your next custom t-shirt order on a Comfort Colors tee? Let our team know

Interested in adding a bit of flair to your comfort color order? Give our embroidery services a shot! We’ve covered pantone matching for embroidery and how to trademark your design before and after production.

 We’d love to help you get the casual, laid-back, stylish t-shirts of your dreams.

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