Discharge Printing 3 Ways: Same Ink, 3 Unique Looks
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Discharge Printing 3 Ways: Same Ink, 3 Unique Looks

Discover 3 different ways of discharge printing on cotton and polyester fabrics.

Using discharge ink  for discharge printing on polyester shirts actually produces very unique results. The color of the polyester will determine the finished look, but if you are aware of the results you can achieve, you can use discharge printing on polyester to your advantage to get the look you love!

Here’s a photo of the same red discharge ink on 3 different shirts. You can see that even though we used the exact same ink on all the garments, the fabric played a huge role in the outcome.

real thread red logo pattern

These are actually 3 of the 11 fabrics going into our new sample booklets coming out soon! Make sure to request a sample, so you can see and feel the fabrics before placing your next order

To learn more about discharge ink on polyester and to see other examples, check these out:

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