Tips for Creating the Perfect Fraternity Rush Shirts
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Tips for Creating the Perfect Fraternity Rush Shirts

Time to bring the identity of your greek organization to life through shirts!

If there isn’t a t-shirt to commemorate it, did it really even happen?

T-shirts bring events to life—both during and after the fact—and this is particularly true of the fraternity rush t-shirt.

Few apparel pieces are as iconic on a college campus as a fraternity or sorority t-shirt. Whether it be for rush week, a date function, or an alumni reunion, t-shirts are now a core feature of each of these events. They’ve become like wearable souvenirs—and, judging by their presence around campus, people can’t wait to wear their shirts post-event.

And hear me when I say that these aren’t something you want to mess up on. Be the person who orders bad t-shirts for even one fraternity event and you’ll never live it down (I promise).

Luckily, we have some tips on how to design and order the perfect fraternity rush shirt.

Black t-shirt with grey South Dakota college logo

How to create the perfect fraternity rush shirt

Print location: front chest and back

When thinking of where to place the graphic of your fraternity rush t-shirt, doing a small print on the left chest and a larger print on the back will never fail. Typically, the front print will be something simple, with 1-2 colors, while the back print will be larger and more detailed.

Include all of the essential information

Largely, the point of any fraternity shirt is to remember and celebrate the event—so you’ll want to make sure you call out all of the necessary details. Items to consider include:

Royal blue shirt with a white anchor and R logo on a wave background

Pick the perfect t-shirt to print on

Picking the right t-shirt to print your rush week shirts on is important. Luckily, the style for this type of t-shirt is pretty locked in, and we have some options that will work every time.

Comfort Colors

Comfort Colors and greek life go hand-in-hand with each other. Known for their classic, worn-in style and soft, comfortable fit, Comfort Colors t-shirts are the essential fraternity rush shirt. Go with any of these options and you won’t be disappointed:

Black sorority long sleeve t-shirt with pink and green text on a pink background

Find someone in your fraternity to design the t-shirt

Odds are, you have someone in your fraternity who is studying something graphic design-related. Having them put together your rush shirt designs is going to be helpful for a couple of reasons.

First, having someone who knows what they’re doing will ensure that these shirts come out looking great. Try to do it yourself with no design experience, and you risk becoming the bad t-shirt guy for the rest of your time in school (and beyond).

Second, picking someone in-house to do it rather than paying a freelancer helps save some cash, which no one has ever complained about.

Third, it gives someone with ultimate buy-in the opportunity to design something that everyone in your fraternity can wear with pride, knowing that one of their brothers created it. How cool is that? 

Yellow shirt with purple gladiator against a white omega symbol against a purple background

Get your fraternity t-shirts ordered today

Whether you’re looking for rush shirts, date function shirts, or shirts for any event, our team here at Real Thread has you covered. 

Start building your order online, or talk to our team and they’ll help you get started.
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