Making a Good Impression: How Swag Can Help You Recruit, Onboard, and Retain Talent
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Making a Good Impression: How Swag Can Help You Recruit, Onboard, and Retain Talent

Learn new ways to make good impressions with your past, present, and future employees.

It's no secret that in business: first impressions are crucial. Sometimes first impressions are made with a firm handshake or the arguably outdated hand-off of a physical business card. A strong introduction is still equally valuable and memorable as things evolve in the corporate world.

We're here to help you learn new ways to make good impressions with your past, present, and future employees with custom apparel and other corporate swag. We've been customizing t-shirts and more for over a decade, so we know a thing or two about curating branded perfection for you and your staff.

In a few places, it is more vital to put your best foot forward than in introductions to new employees and team members. From that first recruitment message on LinkedIn or elsewhere, you should exemplify all that makes your business great. 

After all, if things work out, these teammates will spend a third of their everyday lives with your company; they should feel some incentive to do so! 

But these impressions don't end at the close of the recruitment stage. As you bring new team members in, teach them, and watch them grow, a great way to keep morale high and employees happy is by gifting them special swag. 

We decided to highlight how thoughtful swag can help you achieve this goal. T-shirts are always a good idea. Just throwing that in there. 

Read on for ways custom-branded swag can help you make good first impressions and build lasting employee relationships. 

Give Them an Offer That They Can't Refuse.

In the wake of the "Great Resignation" and with workers still in the driver's seat, businesses and brands must go above and beyond to get new hires to sign on the dotted line. 

Solid work-life balance, competitive competition, a flexible work environment, and benefits that make employees feel like humans- not robots are the foundation upon which a signed offer letter rests. 

Gifting thoughtful swag to candidates, like custom t-shirts, branded tote bags, or even cozy, lightweight layers, can help convey your interest and make these potential employees feel like they're already a part of the team. This gesture of goodwill (and good swag) can help get this professional relationship started on the right foot. 

Onboard in Style

If you ask us, onboarding might be one of the most overlooked aspects of the hiring process. So many businesses find exceptional talent and welcome them to the team, to stick them at a desk clicking through pages and pages of new hire information. 

Somehow both overwhelming and underwhelming, this take on onboarding has no place today. Businesses should make the onboarding process both clarifying and engaging. 

By creating and fostering a culture of open communication, new hires will feel comfortable and know they can bridge any potential communication gaps with a single conversation or Slack message. 

When onboarding is complete, awarding some ultra-exclusive swag to your new hires to bookend their one-of-a-kind onboarding experience will speak volumes. 

Commemorate and Celebrate with Swag

So you've hired new team members- now what? One of the most challenging tasks is keeping them interested and engaged once you've onboarded them. While significant accomplishments may be grounds for a promotion or a pay raise, we're talking about smaller undertakings that are still worthy of praise. 

For these, a t-shirt or dad hat can be a great way to celebrate a job well done for as long as the swag lasts. And if it comes from Real Thread, that garment will last a long time. *wink* 

Wearable gifts can also be a great way to log months, years, and decades(!) spent as a part of your team; and a reminder that your team is exactly that. 

You learned how to keep your staff happy with custom swag. Now what?

We can help seal the deal and create the coolest swag you've ever seen. Bold claim? We're confident; what can we say? From t-shirts to joggers and baseball hats to tote bags- we know there’s something for everyone in your brand to love and use on the regular.

Connect with our incredible team to learn more about which custom apparel is best for you and your team in the present and future.

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