The Best Screen Printers in Austin, TX
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The Best Screen Printers in Austin, TX

Read along with us as we dive into a list of the best screen printers in Austin, TX to help you narr

What’s that saying? “Everything is bigger in Texas,” right? When choosing screen printers in Austin, TX, the options are endless. A creative town with talented and quirky people calls for some sick custom apparel to help express yourselves. 

We assume you’ve found this article because

A.) You are local to Austin, TX, and you’re on the hunt for a screen printer to create custom threads for you and your brand or organization


B.) You want to support an Austin-based brand just because. It’s a fabulous city. We don’t blame you.

We’ve been in the industry for over a decade, and we are always interested in learning about the nationwide screen printing fam, so it’s exciting to share some of the best options with you. 

Yes, Real Thread is based in Florida. We just wanted to add a little “yeehaw” to our content, ya know?

We’re here to share some of the best screen printers in Austin, Texas. 

We decided to compile a list of some of the most highly rated print shops on Google, and added a bit of a background context about each shop so you get to know them a bit. *Note: These are in no particular order, they all just had great reviews, so we wanted to share with you.

Alright, enough of the sentimental stuff. Let’s get into it. 

Now for some of the most highly-rated screen printers in Austin. *que the aforementioned yeehaw*


This company began in the early 2010s when a group gathered at house shows and poetry potlucks. These creatives soon realized they could all collaborate on something cool that would benefit them all: screen printing. Their thing is to “Make your merch dreams come true.” The business is about fun, art-driven, and ethically made clothing and goods for artists, companies, and more.

Their ordering process is simple.


Industry Print Shop was founded in 2007, so they’ve been doing this screen printing thing for a while now. They are one of Austin’s most prolific, artist-run print shops. They stay true to the hand-pressed aesthetic of screen printing and print everything from apparel to concert posters.


With more than 15 years of experience, Pork Chop Screen Printing specializes in custom t-shirt screen printing and other custom apparel. Some of their clients include bands, tech companies, churches, non-profits, restaurants, fitness clubs, and sports teams.

Some of their services offered include


Established in 2008, there are 100 Big Frog locations across the US. 

Big Frog offers various customization services, including screen printing but specializes in DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing. This is a high-tech, light-manufacturing retail garment decorating boutique. 

Services Big Frog offers include

This company is “clean and green,” and they don’t have any order minimums or setup fees. We love to see it.


“Always Austin. Always local. Always there.” Austin Screen Printing opened its doors in 1975, meaning they have over 40 years of experience om the custom apparel biz. They promise high-quality, low-cost garments with a quick turnaround time. 


Get some ink at Inka’s. Launched in 2019, Inka’s Screen Printing specializes in e-commerce, print-on-demand, drop shipping, and providing eco-friendly custom apparel solutions. They’re a proud member of the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and a fun fact is that the company is named after the owner’s calico cat, Inka.


Action Screen Graphics opened up shop in 1987. This Austin-based brand specializes in custom promotional apparel and products. They offer many customizations, finishing, and fulfillment services that keep your shirts clean, neat, and easy to ship. Your shirts will be ready for retail and easy distribution. 

So now you know about some of the best screen printers in Austin.

What’s next? 

You may have questions about pricing, what garments best suit your custom apparel projects, brand names, etc. Now that you know some of the best places to screen print in Austin, TX, we want to help further your education on print perfection.

Our team has over a decade of experience under their belt (or should we say under their t-shirts), and they are always available to talk tees with you. We want to help simplify the process and get your project GOIN’. 

Check out our t-shirt buyer’s guide, which is a free resource to help you learn more about customizing some cool threads. Real threads, if ya fancy. *wink*

This will be a helpful little “something something” to reference while checking out your print shop options online. We also always have our team available to ask any questions you may have. 

Alrighty partner, holler if you need us.

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