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Meet Lightning: 2-Day Turnaround on Select Custom Tees
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Meet Lightning: 2-Day Turnaround on Select Custom Tees

Get your custom t-shirts in 2 days with our new service, Lightning by Real Thread.

Ready to have super soft custom printed t-shirts delivered to your door in just 48 hours? Real Thread Lightning is fast custom t-shirt service and delivery!

Order Your Shirts

So your company has an outing planned this weekend. You have the venue lined up, all the meals and activities have been scheduled, everyone is informed on where they need to be, but you realize there’s something missing. Then it hits you. You totally forgot to order t-shirts, but you have to leave on Friday, and it’s already Wednesday. Don’t fret, that’s what we’re here for.

With Lightning, you can give one of our personal account executives a call, and they’ll walk you through our effortless t-shirt ordering process. Don’t have time to talk on the phone? No worries! Use Real Thread’s easy to navigate online ordering process and submit your order in minutes.

Approve Your Mockup

Once you have chosen your shirt color, design placement, and size breakdown, a mockup artist from Real Thread’s highly skilled art department will start working on your hi-resolution digital mockup, and within an hour, you’ll have it sitting in your inbox, ready to be approved.

That’s It! (Seriously)

So what’s next? The answer…nothing! We take it from here. We begin the process of crafting the perfect shirt. Meanwhile, you can focus on the last minute touches to your event and check the Real Thread website along the way to see exactly where your project is in the process. 

lightning symbol

Now, the grand finale. The wow-moment, as we refer to it. Your shirts arrive at your door just 48 hours after you place the order. It’s time to throw those bad boys on, hand them out to your team, and enjoy the super soft shirts you’ll want to wear again and again. Day: saved.

Want your t-shirts lightning fast? Give us a call, or head to our Lightning page and place your order online. We are here to provide you with the fastest, most delightful t-shirt experience in the industry.