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How Fulfillment Services Can Unlock Your Productivity
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How Fulfillment Services Can Unlock Your Productivity

Learn how our fulfillment service will save time, money, and result in happier customers.

So you started a t-shirt shop online and it’s taking off. Congrats! However, to meet demand, you have to order more t-shirts, and with that, find a place to store them —  yikes. And on top of that, you’re spending way more time packaging and shipping t-shirts that you ever thought you would be. Growing pains are real, but we know of a way to fix it, and it’s easier than you think.

Introducing: Fulfillment by Real Thread.

What is Fulfillment?

When a company offers fulfillment services, also known as dropshipping, it means that they will store all of your product for you, and handle all of the packing and shipping that comes with it. So if you’re shipping t-shirts around the country, order fulfillment would eliminate the headache of storing, packing, and shipping your t-shirts when you make a sale. 

What Will Fulfillment Do For You?

Fulfillment is a game-changer for anyone who’s shipping t-shirts, or any other type of merchandise. Whether it be for your online t-shirt shop, or for sending t-shirts to your business customers, our fulfillment service relieves a lot of the pain related to storing and shipping your t-shirts, sweaters, stickers, hats or anything else you might be selling.

Save Time. Taking time to pack and send out your t-shirts can add up. You have to step away from what you’re doing, go pick the t-shirts you’re sending, pack them, and get them shipped out. Even if it’s not that much time per day, the disruption of having to stop what you’re doing to pick, pack, and ship your t-shirts can kill your productivity. Outsourcing this process will allow you to focus on what you do best — growing your brand.

Save Money. When you get set up with the Real Thread fulfillment system, you’ll get bulk shipping and packaging discounts that aren’t necessarily available to everyone. Plus, you’ll no longer have to pay for storage space, as all of your products will be stored at the Real Thread fulfillment center.

Happier Customers. With a dedicated fulfillment staff, you’ll have a team working to get your orders out as fast as possible. 95% of our shipments go out within 24 hours of the order, creating wow with your customers, and making them ready to order again.

What Fulfillment Isn’t

A question we get often with fulfillment is: does fulfillment mean you’re rolling out on-demand printing? Short answer: no.

Long answer: while we understand that on-demand printing can be convenient for a business or clothing line as it’s getting off the ground, you can’t produce on-demand t-shirts at the same quality that Real Thread has come to be known for, and your brand doesn’t deserve anything less. Plus, you’ll avoid the other common pitfalls of on-demand printing, like higher setup costs, lower profit margins, long turnaround times, and out of stock t-shirts.

Other Fulfillment FAQs