7 Forward-Thinking Thank You Gift Ideas For Coworkers That Are Just *So* 2022
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7 Forward-Thinking Thank You Gift Ideas For Coworkers That Are Just *So* 2022

Showing coworkers you're grateful for them has never been more on trend.

The gift-giving season isn’t over just yet. Actually, it never stops. 

Giving back to the people you spend most of your waking hours with is kind of a big deal. There is a balance between workmanship and a sense of community that can be cultivated through gift exchanges—no matter the season.

At Real Thread, we talk a lot about workplace culture—because it matters.

Numerous studies show that exchanging gifts increases positivity between both the gifter and the sender.  If that’s not solace on its own, one recent study from the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science shows that gift-giving increases gradually each time for the gift-giver! Yes, you get happy just for giving! 

*Cue the OPRAH "YOU GET A CAR!" meme*

We’re big on customizing all sorts of custom t-shirts across the board, and appreciation gifts for coworkers hit different for us. It’s no (white) elephant in the room… but it very well could be! These gifts can inspire you to take a little room in your workplace’s figurative heart. So, with that, let's get to it: 

7 Fun Ideas for Coworker Thank You Gifts

Noted by Post-it Printed Notes Gift Box - 4 piece set for $19.99

Trust me—your coworkers won’t turn down a helpful and borderline essential way to keep up with all that floating headspace. This is especially true if you’re working from home and don’t have access to the good ol’ office supply closet. Sticky notes may not be a high-tech gadget or new productivity app, but it doesn’t try to be, either. We can all agree that this gift gets the job done.

Small thank you gifts for coworkers, like this one, can surprise you with how often they’re the most used. 

If you want to add some variety to these classic yellow saviors, try this cute multi-colored post-it kit with five felt-tip pens.

Give your coworkers appreciation with this practical, but useful gift. (Because we can’t bring ourselves to gift toilet paper.)

High-Quality Custom T-Shirts - Prices and styles vary 

We know—we sell shirts. Bit of a shameless plug here. The good thing about this though, is that it’s hard to turn down such a classic staple, especially when it goes with, well, anything! 

As a majority of us have made the switch to working remotely in the last year, you can keep the tradition of comfort going for you and your workplace, with a fashionable, breathable and eco-friendly shirt. Our quality material, t-shirts will pull any outfit together and rep your company thanks to our custom logo uploader. 

There’s no way around this simple, but effective way to show some thanks with our custom-made swag. If you're looking to gift not just one coworker but an entire team or group of workers, this is the way to go.

Want to know more about how to get started on a custom t-shirt order? We're here to help! Reach out to the team today and we'll have you on your way to an amazing gift for your team in no time!

Hydro Flask Coffee with Flex Sip™ Lid - $24.95-32.95, colors vary 

If you hadn't noticed Hydro Flask is in (as in, in every single Instagram feed imaginable)—and for good reason.

Not only do we appreciate this popular eco-friendly bottle’s design and 16 oz stainless steel body, but we also are impressed by its ability to keep drinks warm for 12 hours or cold for a full 24. 

You can choose to add warm beverages such as coffee and tea, or to keep your drinks, like water, icy cold to last through the thirstiest of workdays. 

The lid also offers a great design that makes it easy to close and sip any temperature of beverage without burning your mouth or leaking through car seats or bags. 

Your coworkers can benefit from these bottles (both in-and-out of the office), which makes it the perfect gift that you know will get used.

Bliss Garden Desktop Succulent - $30

This season, you can give the gift of life with this thoughtful desktop plant that doubles as a perfect coworker birthday gift. 

Lulu’s Garden is proud to give a percentage of its proceeds to water.org, which aims to provide clean water to a developing household for up to six months at a time for each garden sold.

Plus, you can add your workplace’s logo on the succulent plant pot and it comes with an included water dropper and quality-printed letter for your recipient. Just like us at Real Thread—we believe in giving back to our communities, loved ones, and earth. With this gift, you can accomplish this and give your coworker a cute, pick-me-up decoration at the same time. We appreciate the zero compromise philosophy, Lula.

Winc Custom Wine Delivery - Starting at $50

Red or white? Instead of trying to figure it out on your own (and risking choosing wrong), how about you let them choose with the gift of wine delivery? Winc is a practical, transparent, company delivering what they love the most: quality wine!

Some are happy with any kind of wine they can get (hint hint: that’s me). Yet others, whether novice connoisseurs or self-proclaimed sommeliers, can appreciate choosing their bottle. 

That’s exactly what happens when you give a custom wine delivery, with prices starting at a cool $50. This can get your coworkers a wine subscription ranging from one month or more with a complimentary wine-tasting quiz, to their choice to pick one or more bottles (depending on the cost) from their wide online selection. 

This is a classy appreciation gift for coworkers taken to a custom-made level. As big fans of "custom" everything, we're all about this one.

Custom Tote Bags - Prices and colors vary 

Okay, okay—we’re on the list again. Do you want to give all coworkers a uniform gift that's as stylish as it is practical/functional? This Port Authority 100% sustainable cotton oversized tote may be just what satisfies all of your coworker gift needs. 

We recommend it because the Port Authority Bag can accompany your coworker on errands like grocery shopping or to beach trips, park trips, gym-goes, or any kind of outdoor activities. It also doubles as a laptop carrier or a work bag that keeps all related notebooks and papers in one convenient place. 

Did we mention the straps are sturdy too? Yep. This bag’s design makes sure that there are no unwanted snaps or tears when they’re lugging around any heavy-duty contents. 

WiFi Smart Home 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser - $43.99

Ah yes, we’ve finally surpassed the standard "I don't really know you, but I want to get you something" gift that is the candle. While candles are great (we love them, no lie!) Yankee Doodle (Candle Company, for that matter) might not be coming to town, after all. 

That’s because this automatic WiFi Smart Home Essential Oil Diffuser from WonderScents could be your coworker’s next thank you gift. This diffuser even works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to deliver the perfect amount of scent to your coworker’s home desk—hands-free!

What's great:WonderScents knows how overpowering some diffusers can be. That's why this automatic diffuser is engineered to give off amazing scents that won’t mask or overpower the room. So the next time, someone asks your coworker "what’s that smell, that smelly, smelly smell—that smelly smell that smells...smelly?" you know they'll be asking because they like the smell—not because they feel overwhelmed or headachy.

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These practical, useful, gift-ideas turn gift-giving on its head. Why? The custom options bring a sense of individuality to the recipient and are used for their day-to-day rituals. 

Forget about dust-collecting gifts or hard fruitcakes, these 7 gifts will be used and most importantly; cherished by your team.  

Ready to take your custom apparel game to the next level—whether for team-building or gift-giving or beyond? We're here to help. Contact us with your vision and we'll help turn it into a reality! 

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