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19 of the Most Innovative T-Shirt Designs
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19 of the Most Innovative T-Shirt Designs

Our favorite annual tradition: a round up of the year's best t-shirt designs.

The end of the year is always a great time for reflection. It’s a great time to look back on goals and accomplishments, and of course, plan for the year ahead.

In that spirit, we decided to look back at some of our favorite t-shirt designs we printed in 2019.

Full disclosure: we didn’t sift through every t-shirt, because, well, we printed a lot of them. Like a lot a lot. That said, here are 19 of our favorite shirt designs from the past year.

man pulling down white shirt in front of blue backdrop

Design by: Clothe Your Neighbor
Printed on: Next Level 3600 in Natural

Now more than ever, we endorse this message from our pals at Clothe Your Neighbor. We also love how it looks! The blue pops off of the shirt nicely, making sure this message is read and heard loud and clear.

grey shirt with two graphics on it

Design by: IZEA
Printed on: Next Level 6210 in Charcoal

We could spend hours getting lost in the depth of this 3D design from our friends at IZEA. This design does a great job of adding intrigue to a simple design. Plus, that subtle gradient looks amazing.

dunce hat drawing

Design by: Hiller Goodspeed
Printed on:
Canvas 3001 in Soft Cream

It’s always good to stay humble. This shirt keeps that spirit in mind with a quaint, quirky, hand-drawn feel. Check out more of Hiller Goodspeed’s work for friendly, self-deprecating designs.

white shirt with graphic on back

Design by: Abstract
Printed on:
Next Level 3600 in Natural

Our friends at Abstract, a design collaboration software, have us reminiscing with this lego-centric take on the design process. Being able to incorporate legos, a beautiful color palette, and represent the design process in an ..abstract.. way make this design a noteworthy one.

man wearing yellow shirt facing his back

Design by: Catalyst Church
Printed on:
Canvas 3413 in Mustard

Mustard was one of our most popular t-shirt colors this year, and this shirt wears it flawlessly. The simple typeface and illustration make this shirt a sight to behold.

red shirt on conceret

Design by: Pinsa Pizzeria
Printed on:
American Apparel BB401W in Heather Red

Who can argue with this one? A fun food like pizza deserves a playful type-centric design, and the folks at Pinsa Pizzeria really delivered the goods.

black shirt with colorful graphic of woman on it

Design by: Scarlet Computing Solutions
Printed on: Next Level 6210 in Black

Scarlet Computing Solutions may sound like a mundane name, but this t-shirt design is anything but. It’s all about the details here, and the complex gradients in this design are what make this t-shirt really stand out.

Other computing solutions can only hope to be this cool.

grey shirt with pink graphic

Design by: To Write Love On Her Arms
Printed on:
Alternative Apparel 8626 in Washed Black

To Write Love On Her Arms really delivers here with a powerful message. The non-profit –– created to bring hope to those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide –– is doing really inspiring work around the world.

back graphic on t-shirt

Design by: Help Scout
Printed on:
Next Level 3600 in Midnight Navy

Help Scout knows how to throw a company retreat. They also know how to design a t-shirt. Help Scout employees work 100% remotely, and twice a year, their whole team gathers for a company retreat to spend some face-to-face time together.

This shirt was designed for their trip to Portugal earlier this year. The color palette that’s somehow both soft and bold has us gushing (and trying to figure out how to get an invite to the next retreat).

man showing black shirt with white bear graphic

Design by: Raised by Kings
Printed on:
Next Level 3600 in Black

This simple yet powerful design is from Raised by Kings. This amazing brand focuses on building pride for the city they love (Orlando!), while still giving back to the community. Whenever a garment is purchased from their store, proceeds are donated to help provide meals to hungry children and families in Orlando!

girl modeling grey shirt with white graphic

Design by: FridaysTheBomb
Printed on:
Next Level 6010 in Vintage Black

Look, we love what we do, but there’s more to it than a paycheck (though it helps!). We love the blend of type and graphics on this design by FridaysTheBomb.

Printing on a tri-blend helped give the design a naturally vintage feel that really enhances the overall look.

For more on tri-blends, what they are, and how they look/feel, be sure to check out What Exactly is a Tri-Blend?
pink shirt on ground

Design by: Kingdom Native
Printed on:
Canvas 3001 in Mauve

Next up is clean, simple, and bold design from Kingdom Native. This great example of minimalism was printed on the Canvas 3001 in Mauve, a color that we saw a ton this year.

pink shirt with gold foil printing

Design by: The Ladies Edge
Printed on:
District 137 in Blush Frost

Be inspired by this motivational design by our friends at The Ladies Edge! Notice the detail on this design — metallic gold foil lettering and a touch of animal print! This tank was printed on a District 137 in Blush Frost.

blue shirt with beaver graphic

Design by: Good & Well Supply Co.
Printed on:
Canvas 3001CVC in Heather True Royal

This campy, outdoorsy design was done by Good and Well Supply Co. in collaboration with Oxford Pennant this past Summer. The old school, national park vibes of the mascot have us nostalgic for Summer camping trips and yearning to get outdoors.

girl wearing pink shirt with black breast graphic

Design by: Flomotion
Printed on:
Canvas 3413 in Mauve

If you’re a Florida native, you’ve likely had more alligator run-ins than most people would feel comfortable with. This one from Flomotion hits close to home for us.

white keto shirt

Design by: Perfect Keto
Printed on:
Next Level 6210 in White

80’s design will always live on in some form or fashion, and this funky print from Perfect Keto encapsulates the era perfectly. A white t-shirt serves as a perfect backdrop to let these bright, neon colors really shine.

close up breast graphic on yellow shirt

Design by: Cornerstone Church
Printed on:
Next Level 3600 in Banana Cream

We’re suckers for summer-centric t-shirt designs, and this one from the team at Cornerstone Church captures the seasonal vibe perfectly. Yellow isn’t a color for everyone, but this design, paired with a softer, more neutral yellow makes this shirt one that’s really wearable for all.

green shirt with full front graphics

Design by: Mabl
Printed on:
Canvas 3001 in Mint

In 2018, we listed iconography as one of the t-shirt design trends we were picking up on that year, and clearly, the trend isn’t going anywhere.

This is executed perfectly by the designers at Mabl, a software testing platform, as it blends digital and analog design in a beautiful way.

black shirt with gold and white graphic on breast pocket

Design by: Jen Mussari for Inch x Inch
Printed on:
Next Level 6210 in Black

Anyone else inspired by this t-shirt design from our friends at Inch x Inch? 🙋 This one is a typographic masterpiece, and the natural heathering of the shirt rounds out the overall feel of this shirt perfectly.

Plus, every t-shirt purchase goes towards donating to youth art education programs. What’s not to like here?

What's in store for 2020?

As always, we were blown away this year by the funny, inspiring, and jaw-dropping t-shirt designs that we had the honor of printing. And we're equally blown away by the talented, friendly people who trust to make their artwork come to life.

We can't wait to see what's in store for the new year. If you have a t-shirt design you're looking to have printed, talk to our team. Seriously, we can't wait to work with you.