A Visual Guide to T-Shirt Fabric Blends
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A Visual Guide to T-Shirt Fabric Blends

Learn all about different t-shirt fabric types, and the role they play in the look of your designs.

Want to learn how different custom t-shirt fabric types play a role in the outcome of your design? We answer all of your questions in this visual guide of t shirt fabric types! Get ready to achieve the best results on any t-shirt blend.

Learn about types of t-shirt fabrics and blends such as tri-blends and poly/cotton in this in depth visual guide and how these fabrics play a role in the results you're likely to achieve! By understanding the basics of fabric t-shirts, you can plan your design properly and start building t-shirts that are going to continue to grow your brand!

If you need help on choosing which fabric best fits your goals, our guide to fabric blends will get the job done.

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