A Guide to Custom T-Shirt Blends
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A Guide to Custom T-Shirt Blends

Learn about the differences between types of t-shirt fabrics and blends!

Short question. Huge implications. Choosing a shirt can be difficult. To help you choose the best shirt for your project, we made a handy shirt guide. This thing is full of easy to understand information on different shirt blends. See the highlights below.

What in the world is a shirt blend?: Wonder why you love certain shirts and hate others? This has a lot to do with the fabric blends. Learn how these types of t-shirt fabrics and blends work together to make your shirt.


How do different blends affect my artwork?: Understand how fabric blends impact how a design is placed on your shirt. See examples of one design across many different shirt blends.


What do I do next?: A collection of suggested shirts for you to use on your next project and a gallery of great prints for you to get inspired by.

screenshot of of models wearing clothes

Looks pretty great, right? 


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