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A Roundup of the 2018's Best T-Shirt Designs
T-Shirt Trends
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A Roundup of the 2018's Best T-Shirt Designs

2018 is a wrap! Let's take a look back at 18 of the best t-shirt designs from the year.

2018 is a wrap, and we’re ready to go full speed ahead into 2019. Before we do though, we wanted to pause, appreciate, and admire some of 2018's best t-shirt and sweater designs we had the pleasure of printing this past year.

Full disclosure: we didn’t sift through every t-shirt, because, well, we printed a lot of them. Like a lot a lot. That being said, here are a handful of our favorite apparel designs from the past year.

Design By: RADwood
Printed on: Next Level 6210 in Dark Heather Grey

If you hadn’t noticed, Miami Vice-inspired design made quite the comeback in 2018. The Miami Heat unveiled what is maybe the most universally loved basketball jersey design in recent memory, and this t-shirt follows suit.

Design by: Hellcats, Inc.
Printed on: American Apparel 2001 in Black

Shoutout for our hometown pals Clark Orr and Brittany Reagan for this design, created for their brand Hellcats. Equal parts tough and fun, we love the look and feel of this design. 

For a peek behind the scenes into Clark Orr’s creative process, check out our interview with him earlier this year.

Design by: Palantir
Printed on: Next Level 6610 in Dark Heather Grey

When it comes to company t-shirts, there is perhaps nobody who takes them quite as seriously as Palantir. A tech giant with offices all over the globe, Palantir makes sure that every branch is outfitted with sweet t-shirts dedicated to that specific location. 

Design by: Ethos Vegan Kitchen
Printed on: American Apparel 2001 in White

On this blog, we often write about how people tend to prefer simple designs with a low color count. However, rules are meant to be broken, and this one does it in an awesome way. Summer is all about fun, and this t-shirt captures that feeling perfectly.

Design by: It Is Written Apparel Co.
Printed on: Canvas 3001 in Heather Grass Green

The beauty of t-shirts is their ability to share a message. This t-shirt, designed by our friends at It Is Written Apparel Co., is a masterclass in sharing a meaningful way message with your t-shirt design. The simple typeface makes a bold statement while still looking stylish.

For a look behind the scenes at how It Is Written Apparel Co. got started, check out this case study!

Design by: Northland Church
Printed on: Canvas 3001 in Black

Whoa! We love the color explosion of color coming off of this design. Through our Simulated Process Printing, we were able to capture all of the colors in this brilliant design.

Design by: Ririmon
Printed on: Next Level 6210 in Midnight Navy

And the winner of the best pun on a t-shirt goes to this one from Ririmon! This cat has an almost impossible amount of style and swag, and that’s the mood we’re trying to carry into the new year.

Design by: Catalyst 
Printed on: Canvas 3514

The short sleeve hoodie is a bold style choice, but we dig it. Especially given that it’s a garment meant for west coasters. We love the unique streetwear look of this hoodie.

Design by: Cybereason
Printed on: Next Level 3600 in Tahiti Blue

95% of the t-shirts that are given out at conferences and events are garbage. Rather than nix them all together though, how about we make a pact to make them good t-shirts, with this t-shirt by Cybereason as the bar. 

Rather than just having the words of their party laid out on the front, they actually created a fun, engaging design. 

Design by: Help Scout
Printed on: Next Level 6010 in Premium Heather

Another strong contender in the tech tees division is this fun, pinata design from Help Scout. We’re keen on iconography, and well they translate on t-shirts. This t-shirt is uniquely Help Scout, and makes for a fun t-shirt. Love it.

Design by: Tri Sirena
Printed on: Bella 8803 in Maroon

Is working out more on your list of to-dos for the new year? If so, take a look at this tank from Tri Sirena. The incredibly soft feel and the perfect fusion of workout and humor make this tank top a fun one to wear. 

Design by: Canvas SF
Printed on: Alternative Apparel 9575 in Eco Oatmeal

This sweater is simple, but don’t mistake it for boring. It absolutely pays homage to the “Love Where You Live” on the front, as this sweater exudes the laid-back vibes of the Bay Area. Printed on Alternative Apparel’s Eco Fleece sweater, it’s also the right garment to wear almost year-round in San Francisco.

Design by: State of Funk
Printed on: Canvas 3001 in White

Just a beautiful design from a brand that’s about celebrating the values an attitudes of the funk era. Positive and empowering are the two words that come to mind –– two things that were important last year, and for the year ahead.

Design by: InVision
Printed on: Canvas 3001 in White

InVision is at it again, continuing to create beautiful t-shirts around the theme of “Design Makes Everything Possible”. That this t-shirt was designed for a UX/UI design tool and imitates the design process is awesome. That it was done in a way that still makes you want to wear it is even better.

Design by: Stanford University
Printed on: Canvas 3001U in Black

A small, left chest print with a larger print on the back is a look that will never go out of style, and it’s executed beautifully here. We love the use of bold, simple colors, and how much they pop on the black background.

Design by: Restore Austin
Printed on: Next Level 6210 in Red

Great use of the Texas state colors in this bold, eye-catching t-shirt. Earlier in the year, we listed iconography as a t-shirt trend we’d seen a lot of in 2018, and this t-shirt was one of our favorite examples.

Design by: Sidecar
Printed on: Next Level 3600 in Midnight Navy

We love the intricate pattern and the message that comes with it in this t-shirt from Sidecar. Bonus points for the printed tag that blends beautifully with the rest of the design.

Design by: Annapurna Interactive
Printed on: 
Next Level 6210 in Indgo

We love the look of this digital-first design on a t-shirt. Plus, a raccoon carrying a donut? Adorable.

As you can see, it was a great year in t-shirts, and we’re incredibly thankful for the part we get to play in making your vision come to life.

Ready to start your first design of 2019? Get started using our mockup tool! And of course, if we can help at all along the way, let us know.