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Why Fiction Uses Custom Printed T-shirts
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Why Fiction Uses Custom Printed T-shirts

Why does FCTN print shirts? We do it for our crew. Plus it's a fun creative outlet for us.

Why does FCTN print shirts? We do it for our crew. Plus it's a fun creative outlet for us and a very personal and visual realization of our brand. Choosing to wear our brand on your body is a great compliment. They’ve been so well received we actually launched an apparel line Fiction Brand.

Who and what are they used for? Mostly our crew. When we show up on a location or a set wearing FCTN shirts, it unifies our company visually and it just helps as a logistical identifier, kinda like a uniform.

What’s important in a shirt for your team? Softness, fit and detail.

How have t-shirts played a role in the culture at FCTN? The design aspect is always a cool collaboration because we all can speak into it. We’ve really started focusing on features that affect and enhance how we work and create, that was the whole purpose of starting Fiction Brand as an extension to our video production services.

Have your shirts in anyway help grow the presence of FCTN in the tech community? Yeah I mean we haven’t seen an instance when Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg AREN'T freeze frame jump high fiving each other wearing our shirts. I mean, show me a picture of them not doing so…

Have your shirts increased word of mouth referrals or have they been used for customer acquisition in any way? Absolutely, people love our shirts. We gift them as "thank yous" to different agencies and companies we work with, especially after we wrap a production and have also sent a very elaborate box of apparel and different things as conversation starters. 

Have you received any feedback in regards to the shirts (how they feel, fit, look, etc.)? Everyone really loves our shirts and designs. Nothing but positive feedback, lots of emails & texts wanting more! We are currently printing two new designs that we are really really excited about based on one of our most popular Fiction Brand designs, so be on the look out at

Why does FCTN go the extra mile to customize your shirts? The details matter. It's what all of Fiction Brand is built around. Otherwise it's just another t-shirt. We love adding hem tags specifically. The center symbol in our logo represents Production so we like adding that as a hem tag so no matter how wild or minimal our designs get, it anchors it a bit with that little reminder and really ties everything together.

Keep up with Fiction Brand on Instagram. Follow @fctn_brnd. 


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