Which T-Shirt Blank Are You?
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Which T-Shirt Blank Are You?

This is our Buzzfeed moment, and we're ~living~ for it, okay?!

Be honest with us: How many Buzzfeed quizzes have you taken to find out which character from The Office (or Glee, or Harry Potter) you are? We won’t judge — the team at Real Thread have probably taken hundreds of them over the years (we’re Jim, Santana, and Hagrid, FYI.) But in our many years of quizzing, we’ve never seen one designed to help you find the perfect blank t-shirt for custom printing.

So, we thought: Why not make our own? Without further ado, we present Real Thread’s ultimate “which blank t-shirt are you?” quiz. Read on to discover which one of our top-selling blanks is your ideal match — and the perfect canvas for all your custom creations.  

The Hipster (or Whatever They’re Called Now) -> American Apparel 2001

The name of this blank tells a story in two parts. American Apparel being the store you drained your bank account at, and 2001 being either the time period in which the above occurred or the time period you’re referring to when you say “I was really born in the wrong era.” There’s a decent chance you saw The Strokes play at Lit Lounge in Downtown NYC, and you probably felt personally betrayed (but secretly proud) when Arcade Fire won their first Grammy. At the heart of it all, you’re just someone who appreciates an ultra-soft and slightly sturdy t-shirt (which is available in 20 colors; one for each of your phases) and therefore American Apparel is the only choice.  

Voted “Most Likely to Succeed” -> Nike NKBQ5231

Hey there, Sporty Spice! While this blank is function over form — with unbeatable sweat-wicking technology and a tough-as-nails ribbed collar — its form is pretty good too. Just like your form was when you tried out for diving (on a whim,) golf (on a dare,) and badminton (on your own.) Seriously, what aren’t you good at? You’re brand sensitive, and maybe some of your buddies give you flack for it, but so what? You like what you like, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Available in five colors, this Nike blank provides a fresh option for every day of the week, but each of them is just as action-ready on the weekends.

The Reluctant Trendsetter -> Gildan H000

You… you’re a little hard to put in a box! You’re either a fashion insider who knows that some of your favorite brands are printing on Gildan Hammer blanks (and charging an obscene premium,) or you’ve been wearing this blank since before you can remember, occasionally indulging yourself in a crisp three-pack just for that fresh-pressed white t-shirt feeling. No matter which of these you are, one thing is for certain: You rock Gildan H000s without even trying — and you probably hang-dry them, too. Their boxy fit and tendency to shrink might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for you.

The Flower Child -> ColorTone 1000

You’ve watched tie-dye become the biggest trend in the world, wane in popularity, and evolve into a high-fashion staple — but your appreciation for it hasn’t changed one bit. When you have time you’ll do your own dye-work (even experimenting with ice and chaga dyeing when you’re feeling adventurous,) but you’re just as happy wearing the work of a fellow artisan. Plus, when tie-dye isn’t quite getting the peace-and-love message across, you know an environmentally friendly ink on a ColorTone1000 blank will. Crafting a message is the easy part. Choosing from 59 different designs? You’ve got your work cut out for you, dude.  

Find Your Perfect Match With Real Thread

If our quiz helped you find your perfect match, congrats on finding your ideal custom canvas — and if some of this was a little too on the nose, we promise we have not been stalking you! If we missed the mark, there’s no need to despair — Real Thread’s team of expert matchmakers can help pair you with the perfect blank. Unfortunately, that’s about the extent of our matchmaking expertise, so you’ll have to take your search for romance elsewhere.

Whether you found your perfect match or still have yet to find your short-sleeved soulmate among our dozens of other options, we hope you our quiz at least added some color to your day!

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