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Our Face Masks: The Ugmonk Face Mask
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Our Face Masks: The Ugmonk Face Mask

An extremely soft, comfortable, and sleek face mask! In partnership with our friends at Ugmonk.

Ugmonk's T-Shirt manufacturer in Los Angeles, CA began creating face masks in March to keep their workers employed and supply a much needed product to the region. In collaboration with Ugmonk, they've created a face mask that lives up to the the Ugmonk brand. Ugmonk is known for creating and curating beautiful, functional products. Their customers love the quality, experience, and aesthetic of their products from their t-shirts to their desk organizers and journals.

We're proud to partner with Ugmonk to help further their mission to provide a solid product as we try to safely navigate this pandemic.

So if you're looking for a premium face mask with extreme softness and fit, here's your overview.

Super Soft and Breathable

Softness is key with face masks to ensure you're not annoyed after wearing it for an extended period. The Ugmonk Face Mask has a fantastic cotton polyester blend that is not only soft but breathable. This is easily the softest face mask we offer. It's a great choice for anyone who finds wearing face masks annoying or uncomfortable.

Comfortable Fit

Because of the softness of this mask, it's just really, really comfortable. Are we exaggerating? No. We really want to drive home that this is a very comfortable mask. If you lay the mask flat it will not lay flat, more so than other masks. Take a look at the image below. This is really great because the mask is designed this way to comfortably fit your face. Even the ear loops have a soft touch and do not pull your ears.


In so many parts of the US and the world, face masks are becoming the norm for your safety and the safety of those around you. This mask was created with this new reality in mind. This is a great mask for anyone who wants to wear a face mask while going to work or running errands. We'll note here that this mask should not be used by medical workers as they are not medical grade and do not contain N95 filters.

The Ugmonk face mask is designed well to fit comfortably on your face

Large Face Covering

This mask has an excellent amount of coverage for your face. It comfortably fits below your jawline and rests on your nose, just below your eyes. The necessary protection for personal use is there.

Machine Washable

We love a machine washable t-shirt and especially face mask. Sometimes the quality drops and it's just not as soft as it used to be. Not here. You don't have to worry about that with this one. Not only will it retain its fantastic feel but your print quality will live through your wash cycles.

Made in LA

Last but not least, this mask is manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, one of the hotspots of the pandemic this year. This mask is helping keep the hard workers who produce Ugmonk's t-shirts employed. Again, we're proud to partner with Ugmonk to bring work to their facility and a solid product to our customers.

Our Face Mask Options

Whether you want to order the Ugmonk Face Mask or explore other masks, we've got you and your face covered.

If you have any questions about our process or finding the right face mask, our team is ready.

P.S. - Our Custom T-Shirt business is alive and well! Pair a custom face mask with a custom t-shirt for a stellar combination.