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The T-Shirt Order Form Template
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The T-Shirt Order Form Template

A handy way to collect preferences, sizes, and more. Perfect for your company's "Head of Swag".

Being tasked with ordering custom t-shirts for your company, club, or group can be a thankless job. The process of ordering custom t-shirts can be frustrating if you're not working with the right t-shirt vendor (or if you're not consulting our Custom T-Shirt Buyer's Guide), and even if you are working with a good one, all of the internal tasks like getting approval on your swag budget or getting the right design from your design team can be a major pain.

But there's perhaps no task more annoying or tedious than trying to track down everyone's t-shirt size. If you don't have a good process in place for this, you'll end up having to hound your friends or coworkers over and over again to get their t-shirt size before you can place the order, and it will be maddening.

There is, however, a tool that will make your life a lot easier when ordering custom t-shirts for your group: a t-shirt order form template.

Having a clear, easy-to-use t-shirt order form template will make the gathering and organizing of your group's t-shirt sizes infinitely easier, all while not holding up the order process while waiting for sizes to come in. That said, we've gone ahead and put together a t-shirt order form template for you, available for free download.

T-Shirt Order Form Template Download

Google Sheets T-Shirt Order Form

Printable PDF: T-Shirt Order Form

What to Include in Your T-Shirt Order Form Template

When making a document that you know will get in front of a lot of people, it's best to make it as clear and easy-to-use as possible, so you'll want to make sure you only leave room for the information that's absolutely essential. This means, you should make sure to include space for:

If you don't need to know their preferred color or mailing address, then feel free to remove those columns from your Google Sheets t-shirt order form. And if you're collecting sizes in person and don't know those options, your best option will likely be to put a line down those columns so people know not to fill them in.

Google Sheets T-Shirt Order Form Template

If you're collecting t-shirt information from coworkers, a Google Sheet will probably be the easiest way to do it, as they're easy to send out to a large group and have every one fill out. That's why we've gone ahead and made a t-shirt order form template for you to copy and use to collect information for your order.

Download the Google Sheet template here.

One small thing to note here: we included a column for T-Shirt Color that functions as a drop-down to choose from. Feel free to delete that column if there's no need for it. But, if you want to let people choose, you'll need to add the color options you're choosing between.

To do that, you'll want to click Data > Data Validation.

From there, you'll want to type the different colors with a comma in between and no spaces, just like you see below with the colors black, white, and grey.

Printable T-Shirt Order Form

Now, if you're a fan of getting things down on paper, that's fine — we have you covered as well. We've also put together a downloadable PDF template that you can print off and collect t-shirt sizes one person at a time.

Download the PDF template here.

Note: If you're collecting sizes in person and don't know those options, your best option will likely be to put a line down those columns so people know not to fill them in.

What information is needed to order my custom t-shirts?

Once you've collected the sizes, colors, or any other relevant information from your group before ordering, you'll be ready to order your t-shirts! But, what other information is needed? It's not difficult, but you'll want to have this information ready to keep your order cruising:

*A note on the shipping address: if you're shipping your entire order to one place, then you'll only need one address. However, if your team works remotely or you're sending shirts to customers in their homes, you can provide a list of addresses, and Real Thread will ship them to each one individually. In that case, sending the sheet you used to collect this information will do the trick.

Get a t-shirt order started

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