Sustainable Swag That People Will *Actually* Get Excited About (and Won't End Up in the Trash)
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Sustainable Swag That People Will *Actually* Get Excited About (and Won't End Up in the Trash)

"Swag" doesn't have to be lame—it doesn't have to be harmful to the planet, either.

"Sustainable." Odds are you’ve heard the word a few times before—it's certainly become a bit of a buzzword lately. Yes, sustainability is "in," yet the appeal of synthetic styles and their fast fashion ways still appeal to some. For a long while, we've been pushing back against apparel industry standards and societal norms by using eco-friendly inks, sustainable materials—rooted in a belief that looking (and feeling) good doesn't have to come at the cost of doing good.

Individuals can have a sustainable impact on the planet by making small changes to their daily lives/routines, but the real power to make large-scale change lies in those who are part of large-scale groups. If you're responsible for purchasing apparel or any other kind of swag for your company, consider making the move to sustainable swag—it's an easy way to take a step in the right direction of being more sustainable in your practices overall.

We'll break down some steps below that will make opting for sustainable swag feel easy.

Simple Steps to Sustainable Swag for Your Business

Choose the right materials

By this point, you probably know that plastic bags (or single-use plastics in general) are not the best for the environment. Anything that takes a long time to break down/decompose is generally not great for the planet or the beings that inhabit it. What you may not know, though, is that microplastics/other harmful substances can make their way into a lot more products than you'd expect.

In the swag/shipping industry, we see a lot of excessive plastic use when it comes to polymailers, clear apparel bags, and beyond. Luckily, businesses like noissue are making it super easy to make a sustainable swap in this area—making the sending/packaging of your swag just as sustainable as the swag itself.

Interested in learning more about sustainable packaging? Check out our blog post on the topic! >> Why Sustainable Packaging is a Major Win For Your Brand

When it comes to the swag itself, how it's made (and what it's made of) matters. When building our your swag wishlist, consider how it will be used, how long it will last, and what went into making it.

At Real Thread, we’ve decided that being a good-doer shouldn’t come at the expense of quality swag. In our custom t-shirts, we use:

Some ideas for sustainable swag: 

Make eco-friendly swag go anywhere you do

What do school functions, church gatherings, company events, and outdoors enthusiasts all have in common? The ability to deck out their next meetup with eco-friendly promotional products. 

Sustainable custom swag can start with a beautifully designed eco-friendly custom t-shirt that's customized the way you want it, with the confidence that you can do so in an earth-friendly way. Show up to your next event in an eye-catching design that tells your story well.

One thing we really appreciate about repping eco-friendly swag out and about is that it allows for a lot of conversation that may encourage others to move in the same direction—which means we're all the more likely to start a domino effect (but like, in a good way). It's all about creating a better earth for you, I, and our future generations (you can also start eating more Kale, but we vote for the former).

Choose from a variety of designs and swag for companies

Sustainable swag doesn't have to come at the cost of being trendy. We've got a really great resource on our site with some tips on how to update your company's corporate apparel and swag in a more sustainable way. Check it out >> 4 Sustainable Ways to Refresh Your Custom Branded Apparel

And yes— your coworkers and teams will thank you. No one wants another tired piece of swag that they're just going to end up tossing into the trash. We're firm believers in swag that gets you out of the mundane monotony of outdated fonts, designs, and products—and into the leagues of other forward-thinking, ecologically sound companies.

Talk to Us

If you're looking for ways to make your swag more sustainable as you plan out your needs for events or opportunities ahead, let us know! We're here to help you find the best products to help make your eco-friendly dreams come true. Talk to one of our printing pros today.

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