Real Thread Trend Report: Summer 2022 Trends
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Real Thread Trend Report: Summer 2022 Trends

Beat the heat and wow the crowd simultaneously by following these timely trends.

Everyone is away on vacation, the days are stretched to their absolute limits, and the afternoons are blistering hot: summer is well underway. While students are lamenting their impending return to the classroom, the team at Real Thread is celebrating all the amazing trends that have emerged (or proliferated) over the last eight weeks. Considering August 7th is the official midpoint of summer, there’s still time to jump on these trends — but you’d better act fast. So without further ado, here’s the Real Thread Trend Report: Summer 2022 Edition.

The Trends

Fun(gi) Patterns

It’s no secret that history tends to repeat itself, and the same can be said for fashion. In the last five years we’ve seen the epic resurgence of tie-dye, the Grateful Dead, and psychedelia at large, and a new trend is enjoying its time in the sun (or shade, rather.) The so-called “Mushroom Boom” of 2022 has placed the humble fungus on the backs of hundreds of who’s-whos, with everyone from supermodels to TikTok teens jumping on the trend. Want to “buy the ticket and take the ride” on this trend? Try embroidering a mushroom (or two) on your softest t-shirt and start channeling your inner sprite this summer.    

Barbie Pink

With temperatures, energies, and spirits at an all-time high, summer is the season for statement colors. Neons find their way into new wardrobes — or drift to the front of those they’ve been occupying since 1986 — and pops of color begin to flood beaches, malls, and runways the world over. For 2022, however, the color pink is having the moment to top all moments. Between the tease of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as the most famous couple in history for the highly-anticipated Barbie movie to Valentino’s all-pink Parisian parade, we’ll be buying up some stock in pink. Whether you reach for hot pink, electric green, or any other 80’s-inspired shade, we encourage you to pop some color this summer.    

School Spirit

With fall semester around the corner for many students, school may be the last thing you want to think about. However, collegiate-inspired style has remained one of the hottest trends in recent memory — and it’s taken its rightful spot at the top of the class for 2022. We can’t say we didn’t see this trend coming; as soon as we saw the pilot of the new Gossip Girl, we knew that school uniforms were ready for more than just pacing the halls. However, even the trend-savvy team at Real Thread was surprised to see how big this trend would become. Labels like Miu Miu and Thom Browne are the class presidents when it comes to uniform style, but even the new J. Crew is leaning into this look. If (like us) you want in on the trend without paying Prada prices, reach in your closet for a school polo or varsity jacket and make the look your own. Don’t have any old school regalia? Take a page out of the Gossip Girl wardrobe designer’s book, grab a long sleeve tee and an iron-on patch, and make your own!  

Perfect Pairings

Sort of a deconstructed romper (or bromper, to call back to an ill-fated trend,) matching sets have been setting Instagram feeds and fashion week demonstrations ablaze this summer. Whether in the form of matching knit sweater tops and skirts or jacket-pant “suits,” these perfect pairs have allowed trendsetters and trend hoppers alike to enjoy light-hearted splashes of color all summer long. While this trend has primarily dominated womenswear, the dudes aren’t left hanging — Orlando-based label Duvin has pretty much got what they call their matching “cabana sets” on lock.

With summer just now hitting its stride, there’s no better time to jump on the trend train.

To put your own spin on summer 2022’s trends, send a note to the printing pros at Real Thread and get started!
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