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Our Face Masks: The Real Thread E1000USA
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Our Face Masks: The Real Thread E1000USA

Our sleek and effective face mask. Here's an overview of the features of the Real Thread E1000USA.

Searching for the right Face Mask can be confusing. Suddenly, we're all searching for the right version of a product that few of us have any familiarity with. While we're ready to print on all of the face masks we offer and stand by those great options, we're excited to offer the Real Thread Low-Profile Face Mask as a sleek and effective face mask.

Let's talk about some of the reasons why this is the ideal face mask for many of us:

Comfortable Ear Loops

Ear loops are sometimes a pain point of wearing a face mask. Some masks pull on your ear, leaving you with pointy ears and an unflattering look. With these, you'll be wearing comfortable ear loops that fit snug on your ears. And the soft cotton material will help you forget they're there.


In so many parts of the US and the world, face masks are becoming the norm for your safety and the safety of those around you. Up until now, you might have had difficulty finding a truly reusable face mask. This makes the Real Thread E1000USA great for those of us running essential daily errands. If you're an essential worker who will be using your face mask on a daily basis, then this is an ideal, sleek, and long-lasting option.

95% Cotton + 5% Spandex = Breathability

One of the keys to a comfortable face mask is forgetting that you have one on. And the key to making sure that happens? Breathability. This face mask won't be a nuisance to your basic need for oxygen.

Machine Washable

With regular wear, it'll be critical to disinfect the mask every few uses. What's easier than tossing the mask with your regular laundry? Just remember, this mask should be hang dried to prevent shrinking.

Our Face Mask Options

Whether you want to order the Real Thread E1000USA face mask or explore other masks, we've got you and your face covered.

If you have any questions about our process or finding the right face mask, our team is ready.

P.S. - Our Custom T-Shirt business is alive and well! Pair a custom face mask with a custom t-shirt for a killer combination.