Our Eco-Friendly Products: Bella+Canvas
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Our Eco-Friendly Products: Bella+Canvas

We're highlighting eco-friendly processes in apparel. In this post, we take a look at Bella+Canvas.

Sustainability has become more and more important to consumers across industries. And for good reason. Especially in the apparel industry, where many garment manufacturers are notorious for wasteful and polluting manufacturing processes. 

About Bella+Canvas' Processes

Be Different. This message has encouraged Bella+Canvas to think differently and set themselves apart as true innovators in their industry. 

With this in mind, Bella+Canvas has another internal motto: Earth First. Always. Their eco-friendly process has made them who they are today –– a company focusing on sustainable practices at both their production and corporate levels. 

Apparel manufacturers in California, where solid environmental protection standards foster a culture of sustainability, have the challenge of setting goals to exceed the regulations set for them, and Bella+Canvas has certainly been up to the task. Bella+Canvas's plans are based on water reduction, energy reduction, and virtually zero waste.

In this post, we'll take an inside look at Bella+Canvas' efforts to ensure all of their products are kind to our planet and take a look at some of our favorite Bella+Canvas products.

Water Reduction

Bella+Canvas has implemented technologies to positively impact the planet and achieve sustainability –– notably, their newer dye machines. These machines allow them to use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer, which saves 24 million gallons a week! 

It's also nice to note that any water used runs through a filtration system that can be recycled. The California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) strictly regulates the textile industry and ensures no harmful chemicals affect the ecosystem.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process at Bella+Canvas has been identified to meet Bluesign criteria.

Bluesign is a system that guarantees products are manufactured with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. It acts as an independent verifier of companies' continuous improvement and development techniques in manufacturing. 

Consumers may be assured in all manufacturing steps, from the raw material to the finished product. Bluesign checks all these steps and makes sure companies use all resources responsibly. By purchasing approved products, customers play an integral part in supporting the sustainable development of the textile industry. 

Energy Reduction 

Bella+Canvas has reduced energy usage by introducing solar energy in its plants, with over 450 thousand square feet of solar power to power its headquarters and facilities.

Additionally, to reduce artificial lighting around the office building, they've added skylights to bring in some natural lighting. In their facilities, motion-sensor LED lighting is preferred over traditional lights; this allows them to use significantly less energy. 

Electric car charging stations at their headquarters encourage the use of plug-in vehicles. These efforts are made to reduce co2 emissions and indicate a significant initiative in their industry.

Virtually Zero Waste

Bella+Canvas encourages employees to recognize even minor habits or actions that may lead to severe global pollution problems. Thus, everything possible - fabric, plastic, bottles, paper & more - is recycled in every office. Bella+Canvas' warehouses are proudly "paper free" since the order process is wholly digitized, and any damaged fabrics are repurposed into other products such as pillow stuffing or dog bed filling. 

They also utilize eco-friendly packaging, which they write messages on to inspire their customers to reuse shipping boxes and help make a difference.

Platinum WRAP Certified 

All these sustainable actions taken by Bella+Canvas remarkably reduce their ecological footprint and can't be left unnoticed. WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) globally recognized them as a company with responsible workplace and environmental standards. WRAP is the world's most extensive independent factory-based social compliance certification program, and its goal is to ensure manufacturing companies perform under safe, lawful, humane, and ethical conditions. 

WRAP's 12 principles are compliance with laws and workplace regulations, prohibition of forced labor, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of harassment and abuse, compensation and benefits, hours of work, prohibition of discrimination, health and safety, freedom of association, and collective bargaining, environment, customs compliance, and security. Companies implementing all these principles are constantly monitored and regulated by WRAP staff. 

What's more, contractors and suppliers of certified companies have to comply with these standards as well. Bella+Canvas is one of the 2,724 WRAP-certified companies globally that shows a positive example for other companies in the textile industry and beyond.

The apparel industry is notorious for having what is considered to be one of the most wasteful and polluting manufacturing processes. Bella+Canvas optimized manufacturing techniques to reduce plastic and excess fabric waste and involved headquarters and office facilities in green initiatives. Vast energy was saved, and all waste and water was recycled. 

Bella + Canvas Products at Real Thread

We currently offer many Bella+Canvas blanks, from unisex short and long-sleeve t-shirts to women's t-shirts and cropped hoodies. One of their most popular custom unisex tees is the Bella + Canvas 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee.

It's super comfy since it's made of 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 4.2 oz in weight. It's presented in multiple colors, from white and vintage black to leaf, army, ash, true royal, and more.

Another popular tee is the 3001CVC Unisex Heather CVC Short Sleeve Tee, which is similar but different.

We compared the 3001 and 3001CVC- you can check our article here.

All these items are made with the same dedication and love for the garment. If you're looking to make a purchase that supports the social and environmental responsibility of textile manufacturers, Bella+Canvas is a solid choice.

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