How to Effectively Use Giveaways to Expand Your Reach
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How to Effectively Use Giveaways to Expand Your Reach

Here we outline the ways that customer giveaways can easily & organically grow your brand.

Giveaways have become a popular marketing strategy for businesses looking to expand their reach and engage with their audience. When executed effectively, giveaways can boost brand awareness, increase social media following and engagement, generate leads, and drive website traffic. 

Read along as we explore some essential tips and tricks to harness the power of giveaways and achieve maximum impact.

Define your goals.

Before diving into a giveaway, it's crucial to define your goals. Do you aim to increase brand visibility, grow your email list, or drive sales? Identifying your objectives will help shape your giveaway strategy and ensure you're targeting the right audience.

Choose the right prize.

Selecting an enticing prize is paramount to attracting participants and generating interest. The prizes should resonate with your target audience, align with your brand, and offer real value. It could be a popular product, a service experience, or an exclusive bundle. Custom apparel is a GREAT giveaway prize. Just sayin'. The more desirable the prize, the higher the levels of engagement and reach will be. 

Set entry requirements.

Determine the entry requirements for your giveaway. These could include following your social media accounts, subscribing to your email list, sharing a post, tagging friends, or completing a survey. Ensure that the requirements align with your goals and make entering easy for participants.

Promote the giveaway. 

Create a comprehensive promotional plan to generate buzz around your giveaway. To reach your target audience, utilize your existing marketing channels, such as social media, email newsletters, website banners, and blog posts. Collaborating with influencers or partnering with complementary brands can expand your reach further. 

Establish a deadline.

Set a clear deadline for your giveaway. A sense of urgency motivates participants to take immediate action. Clearly communicate the deadline in all promotional materials to ensure everyone is aware of the limited time frame.

Encourage sharing and referrals.

Implement a referral system where participants can earn extra entries for each person they refer to the giveaway. This incentivizes sharing and can help your giveaway reach more people. Provide participants with easy-to-share links or unique referral codes to track referrals accurately. 

Engage with participants.

Throughout the giveaway period, actively engage with participants. Respond to their participation. This creates a sense of community and strengthens your relationship with your audience. Consider hosting Q&A sessions, creating behind-the-scenes content, or sharing UGC (user-generated content) to foster engagement.

Announce the winner.

Once the giveaway ends, publicly announce the winner(s) and express gratitude to all participants. Transparency is critical to maintaining credibility. Showcasing UGC or testimonials from winners can create social proof and encourage future participation.

Follow up after the giveaway. 

After the giveaway, continue engaging with participants. Send a follow-up email to all participants, thanking them for participating and offering a particular discount or exclusive content to encourage further interaction with your brand. This post-giveaway communication helps nurture relationships and keeps your brand top-of-mind.

Analyze and learn.

Evaluate the results of your giveaway to gain insights into its effectiveness. Review metrics such as participation rate, social media growth, website traffic, leads generated, and sales attributed to the giveaway. Identify what worked well and what can be improved upon for future reference. Learning from each campaign will help refine your strategy and maximize your reach.

Here are some examples of how you could run brand giveaways:

Host a social media contest.

We see these often but wouldn't if they didn't work. Just make sure to keep the instructions simple. If you ask your user to do too much, you will see less interaction, and the contest could flop. Post a photo of the giveaway, ask your fans to "like" it, and tag a friend. Tagging friends helps spread the contest and grow brand awareness. Set your goals ahead of time and decide what it is that you would like to achieve! Set a time limit to the contest and always announce the winner. 

Send out to prospects.

You must invest more energy into something like this, but the return will be worth your time! Start small and choose a handful of companies, people, etc., that you would like to work with. Package up your giveaway along with some other goodies and send it out! Include a call to action (perhaps a special deal or discount) and your contact information in the package. Send the package to someone specific and follow up in a week if you have not heard back. As a bonus, place a special hand-written note on top! 

Sponsor an event. 

Growing your business might mean spending more money sometimes, especially if it means getting in front of the right crowd! Instead of traditional advertising, in hopes of hitting the right people, get more microscopic and sponsor an event where you can get directly into the hands of the people you want to meet. For instance, throw a free t-shirt in the giveaway bag! The payoff can be significant, especially if you are there representing yourself. People can interact immediately, ask questions and even place orders on the spot! 

Play a game. 

If you attend many events or conferences, break up the monotony of breaks between sessions with a bit of fun! Host an activity where people can win something, but make sure it's immediate (not a raffle) to keep the excitement levels high. Remember, this might be their first experience with your brand. Leave them with a fun memory! 

Gift your employees. 

This one should be at the top of the list! Your employees are going to be your biggest fans (hopefully, haha). They can influence the circles around them! They know someone that knows someone else. You get the point. If they buy into what you're doing, the people around them will also. Give them something to show off and throw in an extra for their friends. 

Send customer giveaways!

It's great to gain new customers, but it's even better to hold onto the ones you have. People remember their experience upon first finding you and walking through your process. After you give them the best possible experience, follow up with a thank you note and a small gift/giveaway that represents your company well! If they've enjoyed their experience, they will be your best brand advocates and share the good news. 

Let's get a giveaway kickstarted, shall we?

Giveaways can be a powerful tool to expand your reach and engage with your audience. Taking note of the steps previously mentioned, you can run successful giveaways that boost your brand's visibility and grow your audience. 

Remember, giveaways should be seen as part of a broader marketing strategy, and consistency/value should always be at the forefront of your approach.

Custom T-shirts are one of the best giveaway ideas and can be used in each one of these situations to boost customer acquisition! 

Let's create something extraordinary together that will open new doors. Our team is here to help.

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