How to Make Your Teams Stronger Through New Employee Welcome Gifts
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How to Make Your Teams Stronger Through New Employee Welcome Gifts

First impressions matter—custom welcome gifts make your new hires feel connected from the start.

Let’s be honest: Onboarding a new employee is always a lot of work. 

Onboarding a new employee during a time when lots of companies and organizations are still (at least some of the time) working remotely, though, makes it even trickier to get your new hire up to speed, feeling like a part of the team, and incorporated into company culture.

Putting thought and attention into your onboarding process pays dividends for both employees and employers when done correctly:

Dang. So where’s a hiring manager to start?

Use New Employee Welcome Gifts

One easy-to-do gesture that will go a long way is providing welcome gifts for new hires.

Making a new employee welcome gift part of your onboarding package will help any newly-hired team member walk into the office (or hop onto that first Zoom call) feeling appreciated, excited, and, well, welcome.

New hire welcome kits put your money where your mouth is and communicate your values in a tangible way.

 A well-done welcome package will:

Welcome packages can (and probably should) include practical items that your new hire will find useful on the job, but feel free to also have a little fun and give your new hire kit a bit of pizzazz that will make your company stand out from the legal pad and abacus crowd (no offense, actuaries).

Want to learn more about what a welcome package can/should do? Our friends at Element Three break down their philosophy on employee onboarding gifts in this blog post.

Your new hire has presumably already made a good first impression on you (if not, it’s time to rethink your hiring practices), so intentionally curating an employee welcome kit that accomplishes the above is your chance to start things off right with the new employee and help them feel enthusiastic and assimilated from day one.

Ideas for New Employee Welcome Gifts

Branded Swag

Who doesn’t love some new hire swag? 

Company Branded T-Shirt

Two people wearing matching custom branded shirts work together at the computer.
Teams that match work better, studies show (I think).

Give a classic custom t-shirt to help your new hire feel like a part of the team. The better the quality and design, the more likely that shirt is to be rocked outside of the (home) office.

Company Branded Bag

A Help Scout branded tote bag filled with work items like computer and water bottle.
When asked "Paper or plastic?" Your employees will answer "custom branded."

A backpack or custom tote bag is another easy-to-customize item that’s sure to be useful to anyone. Whether big or small, zip or drawstring, a bag is sure to be used early and often when your new hire is going from Point A to Point B, no matter how long the commute. They're also the perfect carrying case for the rest of the branded swag you give your employee on their first day. Win-win.

Company Branded Hat

A custom hat with a patch depicting the sun over the ocean.
Hats off to these guys, am I right?

Hats come in all shapes and sizes, too, which gives a lot of options for swag. There’s always the tried-and-true flat-brim baseball cap, but if you’re a little more laid back, you could opt for a trucker hat or even a beanie.

Home/Office Goods

There are plenty of gifts that will look good in a cubicle or in a living room, while also serving a functional purpose.

Custom tote bag for Corkcicle.
Corkcicle had it in the bag with this one.

Gifts that Communicate Company Culture

Side note: Want to bring your passion for sustainability into your next custom apparel purpose? We can help with that—check out our selection of eco-friendly custom t-shirts.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your budget is, remember what the goals are for any new employee welcome gifts:

  1. Make your new employee feel engaged and appreciated;
  2. Send a message about what your company’s all about.

If you add a personal touch and keep those goals in mind, you’re sure to make an impression on your new hire. 

They may even share their new hire welcome kit on LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social media channels!

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