How Creative Team Names and Shirts Can Bring Success to Basketball Teams
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How Creative Team Names and Shirts Can Bring Success to Basketball Teams

The psychology of teams (and what bonds a team) is powerful—learn more about it here.

Ahh, the world of basketball team names—where imagination and creativity flow to create something akin to a children’s cartoon roster with mascots. 

This just makes it that much more fun to be a part of and root for your favorite team. From dinosaurs and musical notes to hornets and the literal sun—funny basketball team names are a dime a dozen. 

Thinking of starting a team? The two things any team needs (aside from the players, obviously) are 1) a snazzy, unique basketball team name and 2) custom branded sports apparel.

Luckily for you, we’re kind of experts in the field of custom apparel. And as far as names go… Well, maybe we can help there, too. 

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The name makes the team

Good basketball team names are at many times the first things that draw in fans and spectators to the sport. Creating said names? Easier said than done.

Great brands and great team names aren’t made overnight—which is why we need to break down the process. Having a good brainstorming session is the key to coming up with the best basketball team name ideas. 

You can create some pretty fun ones taking inspiration from current basketball leagues. Just make sure to avoid some of the less inspired ones, like the Pacers.

The most iconic team names tend to have very memorable color associations that line up with the tone they are trying to portray. The Chicago Bulls are a great example of this. The bull represents strength, aggression and tenacity which are great things to be associated with as a basketball team. The bull is also red which indicates passion, power and again aggression. 

Then you have the opposite side of the spectrum in the Milwaukee Bucks. The buck (male deer) was chosen due to being agile, eager and a good jumper. It also gives off a sense of calm and regality. The color of the buck being green also creates associations to peacefulness and growth. 

Local identity can also help in creating a persona for the team as well. Find something in the community that means something to the team and inspiration will strike. No matter which direction you take things, having an image that is cohesive in all of these areas will lead to a strong team presence. Plus, people will remember you after the game—which can generate team hype and boost morale.

If you’re trying to come up with basketball league names for fantasy teams or an intermural basketball team name, you can get extra creative (because, let’s face it: there’s a little bit less on the line compared to the pros). So go wild and involve the whole team in the process of brainstorming name ideas. While some suggestions may end up being a little too “unique,” the more options the better. Coming up with the team name as a team will make it mean that much more—while getting a headstart in building much-important camaraderie amongst the members.

Show off with spirited apparel

So now you have an awesome basketball team name. What’s the next step? Well, that’s where we come in.

Having the right custom branded sports apparel brings the team and brand name to life. We’re here to help you find that perfect fit for your design.

There are tons of apparel variations that could work perfectly for basketball teams. Basic short sleeve tees like the Bella+Canvas 3001 CVC can get the job done, especially in indoor gyms and rec centers.

Want something a little more breathable? Try Nike’s NKBQ5231 DRI-Fit tee so that sweating won’t take away from your performance. 

If t-shirts don’t fit the bill then why not take a gander at the Bella+Canvas 3480 tank top. No sleeves means higher breathability and flexibility on the court. 

There are so many options and configurations that there is guaranteed a match for your team that’ll bring out the best in your design. Some of those include embroidery options if you want a more classic design with raised lettering along with other add ons.

Creating custom shirts that rock your design are what we do best. Let us help you through the printing process and make it happen.

Seeing the name you worked hard to create become a reality and showcasing it on the court makes all the hard work worth it. Fun basketball team names deserve to be on the best quality apparel with the best design you can come up with.

Home run (er, uh...slam dunk?) 

When all is said and done, you’ll have some killer looking gear and reside in the realm of the few good names for basketball teams.

While the process can be tedious and overwhelming in the beginning, we are confident that now you’ll be able to create something that’ll bring the best out of your team while having a great time.

High-quality custom apparel is so important for any sports team whether small or large in scale. We’ve got you covered in making the printing process as easy as can be.

Got any more questions? Our group of printing professionals are ready to help you through any roadblock that may arise. Email, live chat and phone are all options you can choose from—now, it’s time to bring your team to life.

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