How Much Does Puff Print Cost?
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How Much Does Puff Print Cost?

Uncover the impact of puff printing.

Hey, you. We meet again- or maybe we’re meeting for the first time, and in that case- how do you do?

There’s a good chance you’re curious about the cost of puff print, right?

With over a decade of experience crafting custom shirts, we're here to demystify the intricacies of custom t-shirt pricing, including details on how much puff print costs. 

Let's embark on this journey of discovery, shall we?

Puff Print Specifics

Consider the unique texture of puff printing, which adds a distinctive dimension to your shirts for an extra $2 per location.

The chosen printing method and design location impact the overall cost. More colors and a more extensive surface area cover contribute to a higher price per garment. 

Screen printing suits large, simple designs and becomes more cost-effective with increased quantities. 

Fabric Type

The choice of fabric significantly influences customization costs.

Opting for a standard cotton tee proves more budget-friendly, especially when ordering in bulk – starting at around $7-$10 per garment. 

Conversely, selecting a super-soft tri-blend will elevate the cost, with an average starting point of $9-$13 per shirt.


Size matters, not just in fit but in cost considerations. 

Standard sizes (XS-XL) generally share similar prices, but extended sizes (2XL-3XL) might incur additional costs. 

Larger-sized garments demand more material, slightly increasing their price compared to smaller sizes.


Contrary to common belief, more shirts translate to lower costs per item. Purchasing in more significant quantities means reduced costs per shirt.

Bulk pricing mirrors the concept of wholesale groceries.

For instance, an order of twenty Gildan 2000 t-shirts might average around $18 per shirt, while 100 shirts could bring the cost down to about $9.

Brand Names

Well-known brands like Nike or American Apparel command a higher price point due to their perceived value.

Conversely, brands like Gildan or Tultex offer more budget-friendly options. 

Consider your custom tees' brand, style, budget, and personal preference.

Add-On Services

Explore the world of add-on services, including tag printing, hem tags, foil printing, folding, and poly bagging. 

Prices vary for each service, and popular add-ons may include:

Ready to Get This Puff Print Party Started?

Armed with insights into fabric type, size, quantity, print style, brand names, and add-on services, you're equipped to plan your custom puff print t-shirt order. 

If the plethora of online information feels overwhelming, worry not – check out our T-Shirt Buyer's Guide for detailed information, ensuring your choices align with your needs.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team can connect with you Monday-Friday from 8 am – 6 pm EST.

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