Get Your Size Breakdown Ready With Our Printing Checklist
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Get Your Size Breakdown Ready With Our Printing Checklist

Order the correct size breakdown every time with this simple data-backed size breakdown chart!

Order the correct size breakdown every time with this simple data-backed size breakdown chart!

Having compiled a considerable amount of t-shirt data, we looked at our orders to determine the average percentages of each t-shirt size ordered. This gives you an educated launching point when getting your t-shirt size breakdown together.

Standard T-Shirt Sizes Breakdown

In an ideal world, you'd know exactly what size each shirt needs to be. But that's only sometimes the case. Whether for a team or club, an event, or a sale, you rarely have access to the shirt size of each person you are ordering for needs. Instead, you'll probably have to guess based on past orders, data from your industry, and a rule of thumb.

Most Common Sizes by Percentage Ordered

You'll see that medium and large are the clear standouts, followed by small and extra large. Sizes are going to vary based on all kinds of factors. Wrestlers probably skew towards the larger end of the spectrum if you're ordering for a team, while cheerleaders likely will involve smaller sizes. If you know your audience might be an outlier like that, feel free to adjust accordingly. 

Typical T-shirt Size Breakdown By Percentage

We have found this percentage breakdown to be most common for customers ordering at Real Thread:

Plugging in a quantity of 100 shirts to this t-shirt size breakdown by percentage formula would yield these results:

Make sure to include a size breakdown for each shirt style you choose to use and each design you want to get printed.

Setting Up Your T-Shirt Size Breakdown

Once you've chosen a product from the product list on our website, you'll walk through the customization process where you can select a product color, upload your artwork and add other details like the number of ink colors, the design name, and whether you'll be adding any additional services (i.e., tag printing).

From there, you'll "add to order," which will take you to an order page that outlines the price breakdown. You'll find the size breakdown fields to enter all the required shirt sizes. We did add a typical size breakdown for you if you're looking for a place to start, but easily adjust the sizes according to your needs.

A note: Sizes 2XL and up are slightly more expensive than other sizes. Not every brand carries every style in every color and size, so check the shirt style you'd like to use to see what's available.

To see size availability on each product, look under the 'details' section on the customization page:

Color: Indigo
Sizes: XS-3XL

Fabric: 4.3 oz, 100% Cotton
Tag Style: Tearaway
Origin: Nicaragua
Delivery Options: Standard, Rush, Lightning

It's essential to check in advance because some shirts have far wider ranges of sizes than others. Only some shirts come in XS, and some shirts come in 4XL. Make sure the shirt you'd like to use is available in the sizes you need before you put your t-shirt order together.

Quantities & Price Breaks

Keep minimum quantities and price breaks in mind! Adding additional shirts to your size breakdown can save money by hitting our price breaks.

For example, our t-shirt minimum is 20 shirts. If you order shirts for 34 people at your company, your Account Manager would likely recommend you bump your order to 36 shirts. That's when a new price break kicks in, and you'd end up paying less for 36 shirts than you would have for 34!

If you're wondering what you'll do with the extras, new-hire swag packs with shirts are guaranteed to make your newest member feel a part of your team!

Talk To Us!

Figuring out your t-shirt size breakdown can be a pain, but using our data-backed size breakdown chart, you should be able to nail your size breakdown every time!

Head here to download our t-shirt printing checklist that includes the chart, and if you have any more questions we can help with, just let us know! We're happy to help however we can.

Originally Published 01/30/2014 | Updated 06/05/2023

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