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Foil Printing: Everything You Need to Know
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Foil Printing: Everything You Need to Know

Answering all of your burning questions about foil printing.

How do you apply foil to a shirt? It is applied to your shirts by first printing your design with a special glue using our press. We then adhere the foil to the glue with our heat press. The combination of heat and pressure seals the foil before the excess is removed.

What are my foil color options? We offer standard colors that include: Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Copper and Green. If you are looking for a custom foil printing color or pattern, let us know! Any color is available in shiny or matte.

How long will foil last on my shirts? If the foil is applied properly, it will last for a long time. However, each time you wash foil print t-shirts, the shimmer and shine will begin to fade.

Can my design have both water based ink and foil? Yes! Your design can contain both foil and water based inks. The two inks are super compatible. In fact, a lot of people print a normal water based ink design and highlight parts of the image with foil.

What are design recommendations for foil print t-shirts?

-- We recommend that you design with a distressed pattern anywhere that you would like to use custom foil printing; As the foil naturally breakdown and fades, it will be far less noticeable.

-- Because foil is so shiny, it’s hard to capture an accurate photo of it printed on your shirt. Keep this is mind, if you need photos for your website and social media accounts.

-- Typically custom foil printing is used for a design on the front or the back of a shirt. We can't use it on both, so choose wisely. Also, foil screen printing can not be used on a custom screen printed tag.

-- Although printing all over on a shirt is awesome, it can't be done with foil.

Ready to start designing foil print t-shirts? Make sure to download an apparel template to mockup your design on!