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Custom Zip Up Hoodies For the Winter
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Custom Zip Up Hoodies For the Winter

Get personalized hoodies that fit just right, not some cheap oversized option.

Winter is almost here! Start planning your final designs and get your custom zip up hoodies ordered now. Here are two popular hoodie options to check out.

There are traditional hoodies, with a box like contour that fit more loosely, but there’s also a whole other breed of hoodies with a lot of character and a much more tailored fit.

One of the most popular custom zip up jackets ordered at Real Thread is the Independent Trading Co. AFX4000Z. It’s made with extremely soft premium cotton creating a super comfortable, yet fashion fit, hoodie. It’s a great choice for anyone that needs a something more traditional for retail, marketing, events, clients, employees, etc. It comes in 10+ colors with a great wholesale price point.

For something with a bit more character, but still embarrassing that super soft feel, there is the American Apparel TRT497. This hoodie is super lightweight with a French terry lining, which makes it a the perfect year around staple to any wardrobe. Something worth mentioning about this personalized hoodie is it’s ability to yield awesome vintage printed results because of the polyester in the fabric combination.  

Just like printing on t-shirts, custom zip up hoodies contain different fabric combinations. Most 100% cottons will produce bright results, while hoodies with blended fabrics will give you a more vintage look. Either way, you and your customers will be impressed by the super soft feel of the fabric and design. Quality should always be of utmost importance! 

Because of the creases from the zipper and pockets, it’s very important to use water based ink when printing your design on a custom zip up hoodie. This allows us to avoid ink building up which can cause imperfections in the final print. However, there are some circumstances that cannot be avoided due to the design. When the hoodie is placed on the pallet for printing, the zipper and the pocket seams are not level with the rest of the garment. These create crevices, so the ink will not be distributed perfectly even as the squeegee runs down the shirt. You can avoid this by not printing too closely to either or using a more distressed look in your design. You can also ask us more about our smooth seam setup process.

Creating and ordering a custom zip up hoodie is now easier than ever! Once you choose your hoodie style, you can simply upload your art using our drag and drop tool and see your design on every color. You can also adjust the size and placement to get the perfect final look. And if you still need time, you can always save your design and pick it back up where you left off. Using this tool will help you visualize your design before moving forward and placing your order, making sure it’s exactly what you want.

Keep your customers warm this winter season and make a custom zip up hoodie now!