How Custom Farm Shirts Will Help Your Business Grow—Organically
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How Custom Farm Shirts Will Help Your Business Grow—Organically

Stop & smell the roses—or the t-shirts with roses on them.

As awareness around the benefits of an organic lifestyle grows, farms are gaining more popularity—with many visiting for seasonal events and markets or signing up for a weekly produce subscription.

As farms begin to see more of the spotlight, those who own and operate them have a critical task at hand as they seek to succeed: standing out in the crowd through the development of a solid brand and mission.

We may be biased, but we feel like utilizing custom t-shirts (especially of the eco-friendly variety, to really hammer in that mission-focused side of things) can be a game changer for local and large farms alike. Here, we'll break down some of the ways that t-shirts can act like a fertilizer for your business—making it grow like never before (we had to).

Farm Shirts For Pick-Your-Own Farms

It takes a decent size staff to run a working farm, not to mention if it's one that's open to visitors. More than likely if you own one of these farms, it operates seasonally allowing visitors to come in to reap the harvest with a pick-your-own experience year around! 🍓

Some farms have gone as far as adding corn mazes, hay rides and holiday events to create an even bigger experience. With the booming demand, farms have turned to gift shops and markets to sell products sourced from the farm as well as other local goods!

Adding personalized farm t-shirts or other farm apparel to your shop or market is also a great opportunity for customers to support their favorite farm (one they likely come to every year) or out of town visitors who wants a souvenir to take home for themselves or their children.

Tree Fort Farm Shirt

Changing out the farm shirts with the seasons, like during fall harvest or offering a variety of printed goods could keep the shop fresh and people coming back for more. Custom printed t-shirts and hats tend to do well in the hotter months while custom printed hoodies and long-sleeves are better suited for the colder months.

If your farm has a website, offering a link to purchase gear online is another easy opportunity to generate additional revenue and spread joy during the holidays!

Johnson's Farm Medford New Jersey

Farm Shirts For Your Staff

Even with modern technology, it takes a hefty staff to keep a working farm operating smoothly. Farming staff might have a number of jobs, everything from sewing seeds and farm maintenance, to scanning tickets, giving hayrides and checking people out in the market.

Custom farm shirts for your farm staff are key to cultivating team unity, especially during the busier seasons. Team shirts will bring cohesion and camaraderie to your team not only on the farm, but into the community as well. Printed farm apparel highlights members on the team pointing visitors to the right people when they have a need!

New Forest Farm T-shirts

And if your farm every hits the road and attends any local farmers market events, team shirts are a sure way to bring your team together, creating a unified front that is guaranteed to make your booth stand out above the rest! 

Farm apparel is also great for new hires. It will make them instantly feel a part of the team. It's a small gesture that will leave the employee feeling appreciated, excited, and, well, welcome.

Winery T-Shirts And Other Wine Apparel

Some vineyards are a part of working farms while others stand alone, but with the cross over, we thought we show our wineries some love too.

Whether it's for a a wine enthusiast or a visitor passing through, offering high-quality custom printed wine t-shirts and other wine apparel is one of the best ways for your customers to show their support.

Hillcreek Farms Winery

According to the article Nine Ways to Gear Up and Support Your Favorite Winery on Wine Enthusiast, "A t-shirt or sweatshirt you picked up at a vineyard can be a great conversation starter, and it’s a multi-use memento to enjoy long after you’ve finished whatever bottles you bring home."

It's likely if you are offering wine tastings and tours, you'll have a gift shop. It's the perfect place to add all your wine gear. T-shirts are not the only item you should consider stocking. Items like hoodies and custom printed canvas wine bags are a must! Your patrons will need something for their future bottles, ya know 😉

Sustainable Farm T-shirts And Printing

Real Thread is determined to create a more sustainable future in the custom apparel industry and as a whole! (You can learn more about how we believe in meeting each of the three pillars of sustainability—planet, people, and profit here here are Real Thread.)

One of the ways we do that is printing with water based inks. Our water based ink is completely free of PVC resin and is water-soluble—making it easier to clean, safer to print with, and better for the environment! Not to mention, a super soft shirt that your employees and customers will love.

The other way we contribute is partnering with sustainable suppliers to bring you environmentally friendly products. Two of our recommendations are the Royal Apparel 64051 made from organic cotton and hemp as well as Allmade AL2004 created from recycled plastic bottles!

Sustainable Farm Shirts

If there's a particular sustainable product you're look for that's not on our site, please contact our team. We will try our best to get it for you!

A Few Farm Shirt FAQs✨

What makes a good farm t-shirt?

We’re glad you asked! We think a few things make a great shirt. The design, the shirt and the print method you use. A good farm shirt design usually is one that represents your farm, an event or perhaps something funny that only your customers will understand. There's plenty of inspiration on the web if you get stuck, but we'd recommend going with a design that resonates with your farm crew as well, especially if employees will also be wearing them. As far as the shirt goes, we highly recommend a high quality sustainable product printed with our SuperSoft water-based inks or even custom embroidery!

How do I create a farm t-shirt?

Easily upload a design on the garment of your choice and our team will deliver a high-res digital mockup of your design that will show you what your finished product will look like, so that you have confidence moving forward with your order.

What products can I print my farm's design on?

You can choose from anything -- t-shirts, tanks, long-sleeve shirts, pullover hoodies as well as canvas tote bags and even face masks! We offer custom printed kids shirts as well. Besides screen-printing with our Supersoft ink, we can also custom embroidery a number of products, like hoodies, jackets and canvas bags.

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