Color Trends for Spring 2023
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Color Trends for Spring 2023

Check out some of the hottest colors in custom apparel this season. 

Spring has officially sprung as of Monday, March 20th (at 5:24 pm E.T.).This time of year, we transition from cozy hoodies and long-sleeved shirts to super soft t-shirts and tank tops. We’re here to welcome an all-new season of positively thrilling color trends.

Seasons come and go, but we know one thing that’s perfect all year long: custom apparel. And guess what? We've been seasoned experts in this field, helping clientele keep up with trends since 2009.

Join us, dear friends, as we say hello to spring. Let’s dive deep into color trends for Spring 2023, shall we? 

Why Do Color Trends Matter?

Asking professional custom t-shirt designers and producers why color trends matter is like asking why water is wet, why the sky is blue, or why puppies are so cute. We can’t quite fit our answer into a blog post. (But look for our memoir, The Thread of Life, wherever fine books are sold! Joking, but should we consider this? Much to think about…) 

Seriously though, color trends matter because they inform our design approach, the blanks we buy, and the support we provide customers on their quest for the perfect custom gear. Staying in the color trend loop makes us better at our jobs and elevates the impact our customers can make.

Time to Get Trendy

We’ve crunched the numbers, done the research, and run the tests: these are the color trends you need to know about for Spring 2023. 

Swell Pastels 

Truthfully, spring has always been primetime for pastel colors. Blooming flowers, Easter eggs, and limited-edition sweets in cotton candy colors –– you get the picture! But for spring 2023 especially, the spotlight shines on all things pastel. T-shirts in perfectly worn-in shades of blue and lovely lavenders give us a springtime lift and add some much-needed color to our winter-themed wardrobes.

Of course, we can’t mention pastels without including a perfect poppy pink, which also makes an excellent backdrop for any message you want to broadcast. Round things out with a touch of teal, and you’re starting spring 2023 strong.   

High-Visibility Orange

To balance out all the subtlety of spring’s pastels, another one of spring 2023’s biggest color trends is a long-time favorite: high-visibility orange. Also known as safety orange or ostentatious orange (okay, we just made that one up –– what do you think?), this loud-as-can-be color is all about making a statement.

On the runway at Paris Fashion Week, that statement is about boldness and creating an air of only-I-can-pull-this-off. But when it comes to custom t-shirts for your business, it’s more about visibility and name recognition. 

So many of our roofing and lawn care clients opt for these high-visibility shades not because of their high-fashion prestige but because they’ll stand out to anyone walking, jogging, or driving by a job site. Looking like you belong in a fashion magazine is just a bonus. 

Citrine Green

For our next spring 2023 color trend, we look to an earthy shade typically found in a fall color palette. As it turns out, green is as much a spring color as a fall color –– and maybe even more so.

With the renewal the start of spring brings, it makes sense that lively greens would grace our trend list, but it’s not just the colors of fresh grass or blooming flowers that are trending: just about every shade of green is having a moment. Army green hoodies? In. Key-lime-colored tees? In. A polo that looks like it’s ready to tee off at the Masters in Augusta green? You guessed it; it’s in

It’s the Spring of Green, meaning any shade you can imagine will make the perfect canvas for your custom creation.

Bold Blues 

Across the country, spring means more time in the sun, frequent trips to the beach, and shades of blue ranging from understated and oceanic to totally off the deep end (of the swimming pool.) These blues are our final spring 2023 color trend, but we encourage you to act boldly: opting for electric blues that look straight out of a David Hockney painting. 

These 80s-inspired hues are even more fashionable now, finding a home on cozy t-shirts rather than collar-popped polos. (But if anyone can bring back that look, it’s you.) This eye-catching color will elevate any design your print on, ensuring that all see your creation.

Tackle the Trends with Real Thread

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! You’re now the recipient of an honorary degree from Trend University. You join a collective of esteemed alums who have sought out more profound color trend knowledge, and your custom t-shirt creations will benefit from this accomplishment. 

Trend University might not be a real thing *shrugs*, BUT the trends above are –– and will help you take your custom t-shirts to the next level. To jump on the bandwagon while these trends are still hot, give our team of custom connoisseurs a shout! They’re here to ensure things run smoothly, and can answer any questions you may have regarding all things custom apparel related. 

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