Best Custom T-Shirt Printing Companies For Your Clothing Brand
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Best Custom T-Shirt Printing Companies For Your Clothing Brand

Your clothing brand will be in good hands when it comes to working with awesome t-shirt printers.

When owning a clothing brand, many moving parts are involved in perfecting your product and making it desirable for your clientele. Once you have your design, choosing the garments themselves is arguably the most important thing to consider.

Plus, there are many additional customization options for you to choose from when it comes to personalizing and mastering your clothing brand's "vibe."

Seemingly little details can make a BIG difference for you and your brand. These details can include add-on services such as custom hem tags, hang tags, embroidered patches, printed neck tags, bagging, and other unique personalization options. 

Real Thread

In case you don't know us, HELLO!

We're Real Thread, an Orlando-based custom t-shirt and apparel company. We sustainably screen print the coolest apparel you ever saw (tees, tanks, totes, hoodies, pants, hats, etc.) and love partnering with clothing brand designers like you to bring your visions to life. 

SO… Let us be the first to tell you that Real Thread is here to be your one-stop shop for all things custom apparel.

Real Thread also offers embroidery, fulfillment, and a wide range of add-on services that set us apart from your average print shop. We even have glow-in-the-dark ink that'll make you say "OOOH" and "AHH" and things of that nature.


We also offer over-the-zipper printing, simulated process printing, and tonal printing. With minimums of just 20 garments per order, we're here to help you quickly raise your clothing brand's t-shirt game. Also, we offer fulfillment services! Do you want to learn more? We've got you, fam. 

Real Thread screen prints with water-based inks. These inks are superior to the industry standard ink (plastisol ink). 

Instead of coating the shirt with a thick layer of plastic, water-based inks dye the garment directly with your print. The ink soaks into the garment's fibers, dying your design INTO the shirt instead of onto it. This results in a super soft and long-lasting impression (literally AND figuratively). 

So that's something about us, but there's more in store- ready to rock?


Based in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Apliiq is another excellent custom t-shirt printer for your clothing brand. They offer various services, including "Cut N Sew," which includes their cool custom pocket tees, liner hoodies, kangaroo pockets, and patch hats/beanies. 

They print and embroider, of course. But they also have the option to label and brand your products with woven labels, private labels, neck prints, patches, and limited edition hem tags. Just like us, they have a warehouse and fulfillment system in place. You can order custom packaging, product finishing, pack-ins such as stickers, and more. They drop-ship and have no minimums when it comes to quantity. 

Acme Prints

Acme Prints is an Arizona-Based printer that has been in business since 1999. They value quality, animal and human welfare, experience, customer satisfaction, and environmental practices. Their "thing" is to give customers a quality retail look with their branded finishing services. What do they mean by that? Acme Prints branded finishing services include tag removal and printing, tag replacement and sewing, hem tags, rolling, bagging, folding, hang tags, and size stickers. 

Superior Ink

Our friends at Superior Ink are committed to breaking the cycle of unethical textile production. They value sustainability (just like us!) and co-founded one of our favorite brands, Allmade. The brand is all about eco-friendly apparel and manufacturing.

They offer design, relabelling, embroidery, screen printing, custom patches, band merch, and promotional products, including mugs, water bottles, bento boxes, and more.

Broken Arrow Wear 

Broken Arrow Wear is a company that specializes in providing custom apparel and promotional products. They offer services to individuals, businesses, teams, and organizations looking to create personalized clothing items and merchandise. Some of the key features and offerings of Broken Arrow Wear include apparel printing, embroidery, rhinestone application, fundraising, custom art, and promotional products such as towels, scarves, ponchos, koozies, coolers, and more.

So now you know about some of the best screen printing companies… What's next? 

You may have questions about pricing, what garments best suit your custom apparel projects, brand names, etc. Now that you know some of the best places to have custom tees printed for your clothing brand, we want to help further your education on custom apparel perfection.

Our team has over a decade of experience under their belt (or should we say under their t-shirts), and they are always available to talk tees with you. We want to help simplify the process and get your project GOIN'. 

Check out our t-shirt buyer's guide, a free resource to help you learn more about customizing some cool threads. Real threads, if you fancy. *wink*

This will be a helpful little "something" to reference while checking out your online print shop options. We also always have our team available to ask any questions. 

Okay, friends, we're here if you need us.

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