A Quick Guide to Supima Cotton T-Shirts
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A Quick Guide to Supima Cotton T-Shirts

Learn about SUPIMA® cotton, printing on Supima shirts, and where to find quality blanks.

SUPIMA® cotton is a type of long-staple cotton grown in the United States, particularly in the American Southwest. Roughly 93% of Supima is grown in California, while the remaining 7% is split between Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Not all cotton is created equal. While it represents less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide, Supima cotton is valued for its superior quality. This high-quality variety of cotton is known for its long fibers, softness, and vibrancy, making it ideal for clothing like t-shirts, underwear, socks, and bed sheets. 

map of california, arizona, new mexico, and texas with markings of wear supima cotton is grown

Supima.com states that Supima cotton is twice as durable as regular cotton, resulting in fashion and home products that are exceptionally resilient. The longer fiber resists pilling, breaking, and tearing, allowing the products to maintain their form for extended periods. 

Supima-made clothes are durable and can outlast other fabrics, such as polyester blends, making them reliable. Although the cost per unit might be higher up front, the longevity and durability of Supima prove these items to be a luxury, which your brand can market and build a pricing strategy around. 

If you come across the SUPIMA® trademark on a textile product, such as a t-shirt, you can rest assured it's crafted with Pima Cotton grown in the United States. 

This trademark cannot be transferred, which indicates that SUPIMA® can supervise its utilization throughout the supply chain to guarantee the quality and integrity of all items that carry their name. (Source: Original Favorites)

Knowing this information can help brands educate their customers on the actual quality of their products, enabling them to make better purchasing decisions with their brand and others.

Where to Buy Supima Cotton T-Shirt Blanks

Original Favorites is a standout wholesale blank garment manufacturer that offers high-quality and sustainable SUPIMA® cotton blank tees. They are certified by credible third-party organizations for meeting global sustainability standards.  

Our mission is to combine verified luxury raw materials with sustainable farming methods that include socially responsible harvesting and manufacturing practices resulting in the world's finest wholesale blank clothing.”

Their American Grown Supima® 100% Cotton 6oz T-Shirt and American Grown Supima® 100% Cotton 6oz Long Sleeve T-Shirt come in more than ten colors with sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. Although their neutral colors are in stock, their colored options may be harder to find in bulk quantities. Additionally, they offer tearaway neck labels that can save money on custom tag printing.

american grown supima cotton tshirt

Printing Results with Water-Based Ink on Supima Cotton

Our water-based inks, SuperSoft and Bold, are excellent options for printing on Supima cotton. You can choose which ink style you prefer, as there is no right or wrong answer. 

If you opt for SuperSoft inks, the outcome will depend on your garment and ink color. You can expect a lightweight, soft, pliable print that lasts without flaking or cracking. The clarity of details in print is exceptional, but the colors may not be as intense as in Bold printing.

On the other hand, choosing Bold ink on Supima cotton will result in a more vibrant print regardless of the shirt and ink color combination. It's ideal for those who want vibrant colors that pop off the shirt. However, Bold ink is slightly thicker in feel than SuperSoft and not as pliable. It works on any fabric blend, ensuring consistent results, and matches the Pantone you've picked for your design.

Pricing on a Supima Cotton Printed T-shirt 

Here's a quick pricing chart for 50 printed Original Favorite 6oz Supima Cotton t-shirts with tearaway tags.

Number of ink colors Cost per unit
1 color front / 0 color back $22.93 / unit
1 color front / 1 color back $26.01 / unit
2 color front / 0 color back $24.69 / unit
2 color front / 1 color back $27.77 / unit

Supima cotton tees may cost more due to their luxurious American-grown cotton material. However, printing on higher-priced items can benefit your brand by positioning your products as luxury items and promoting them at a fair value. 

It is common for clothing brands to aim for a profit margin of 50-60%. For instance, by adding a 60% profit margin to a 1-color front design priced at $22.93, the retail cost would be approximately $58.00. You can use online resources to help you calculate your pricing strategy.

Understanding your target audience and their purchasing habits is crucial when determining the right pricing strategy for your premium products. Remember to price your products based on perceived value and use effective marketing to boost sales.

Let’s print on Supima—Ready?

We have provided you with information about SUPIMA® cotton t-shirts, one of the top choices available in the market regarding sustainable blanks. Now what?

Whether you are planning to start a t-shirt clothing brand or already have a running company, we hope the information we have shared is helpful to you.

If you feel inspired to print on an Original Favorite Supima Cotton shirt, let us know. We're here to support your sustainable efforts!

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