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7 Free Hoodie Templates - Start Planning Now
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7 Free Hoodie Templates - Start Planning Now

Begin designing your next project with our 7 free high-quality hoodie templates.

Although we’re nearing September, it’s not too late to start planning your hoodie orders. However, to ensure your customers, employees, fans, etc. will not freeze, we’ve put together a list of 7 FREE zip-up and pullover hoodie/sweatshirt templates - flat and modeled styles - so you can speed up the process and get new gear in their hands right away! 

1. American Apparel 5495 Modeled

2. American Apparel 5495 Flat

3. American Apparel 5497 Modeled 

4. American Apparel 5497 Flat 

5. American Apparel TRT 497 Modeled 

6. American Apparel TRT 497 Flat

7. American Apparel 5454 Modeled 

Although, these are all American Apparel templates - we highly recommend other quality brands like Next Level and Canvas Apparel.  They offer a variety of outerwear and fleece. 

If you’re looking for any other templates to help in the process of planning your next design, here are 25+ more to get you started!