5 Tips on How to Win Customers for Your Painting Business Using Custom Shirts
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5 Tips on How to Win Customers for Your Painting Business Using Custom Shirts

Call it a stroke of genius—custom shirts will add color to your painting company.

At Real Thread, we are outspoken proponents of strong branding. Communicating what a business is all about while simultaneously distinguishing it from others is crucial in a competitive market, and solid branding can separate two otherwise identical businesses — thus creating a possibility for both to succeed. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, indiscriminate of industry, stand to benefit from a customer-facing brand; but that doesn’t have to mean renting space on a billboard. Instead, businesses can rely on one of the most practical branding devices in existence: custom t-shirts

Custom painter shirts, for example, have long served as an opportunity for largely similar painting businesses to stand out from competitors while also injecting some personality into uniforms. Painting t-shirts also serve as walking advertisements for the painting company, answering the question of “who is that doing such a fantastic job?” for everyone from passing cars to neighbors. The importance of branding in painter shirts cannot be overstated, and eye-catching (and informative) design is crucial when dreaming up custom shirts for painters. 

Below are some tips from the team at Real Thread on creating painter shirts designed to stand out, tell a story, and, above all, be worn by employees with pride. 

1. Think Practically

The first step in designing custom painter shirts — much like construction or lawn care uniforms — is to think practically and put yourself in the position of the individuals wearing them. As slick as black t-shirts look, painter t-shirts will most likely be worn in the sun and will undoubtedly see a splatter or two of light-colored paint. For this reason, a comfortable, durable, light-colored blank will make an ideal canvas for custom painter shirts while empowering painters to perform at their best. 

2. Find a Slogan That Sticks

Be they from national chains or hometown heroes, great slogans are everywhere. But what makes these slogans great? Sure, they’re catchy, but their job isn’t just to get the jingle stuck in your head. Rather, great slogans will rely on catchiness to ensure that a specific carpet cleaning business is the first one that pops into a customer’s head upon recognizing that their rug could use a wash. Uniform painter shirts are a prime opportunity to broadcast a winning slogan to the world (or at least the neighborhood,) and it turns out slogans that command a giggle or two perform the best. With limited space, a painter shirt slogan will have to be relatively brief: so get creative, and be sure to make the most of your small canvas. 

3. Make a Splash with Impressive Graphics

One of the three pillars of branding (along with brand names and slogans,) graphics and logos can make or break a brand. When it comes to graphics, there are a number of ways that businesses can go wrong. Over-complicating a design creates visual clutter, and while it might catch the eye of a customer, that customer might catch a headache as a result. On the other hand, overly abstract graphics create confusion — leaving a would-be client or customer with more questions than they began with. Painter shirt graphics and logos should toe this line carefully and be visually impressive (and maybe even a little funny!) without being too over-the-top. When in doubt, keep it clear and concise. 

4. Tell Your Story

The team at Real Thread believes that story is integral to a great brand, and painter shirts are a prime opportunity to tell yours. No, painter t-shirt designs don’t have to consist of walls of text detailing an elaborate origin story, but they should integrate that story into the painter t-shirt design in a creative way. A painting business started by two siblings could integrate two painters gleefully working in unison into the design, just as one in a wooded area could feature an eye-catching image of a painter working from a tree! The possibilities are virtually endless, and the story of your business is one that deserves to be heard. 

5. Partner with Real Thread

Just as those who need their house painted will call on your professional painting business, businesses looking for custom t-shirts rely on Real Thread. With a near-endless array of comfortable and durable fabrics, sustainable printing methods (say goodbye to scratchy, plastic inks), and 20-item order minimums, Real Thread is the go-to for businesses looking to stand out and strengthen their brand. Easy-to-use design tools also allow for real-time visualization of designs, so you can adjust your masterpiece to your liking. Plus, Real Thread’s selection of hoodies and long sleeves means that painters can work comfortably through any season, and your one-of-a-kind design can be seen year-round. 

Ready to make a splash with custom painter shirts? Browse our huge selection of t-shirts and get to work on a design that is sure to stand out. 

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