5 Construction Companies That Are Taking Branding to the Next Level—and How You Can Do the Same
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5 Construction Companies That Are Taking Branding to the Next Level—and How You Can Do the Same

A solid brand = a solid business. Time to take your construction company to the next level.

According to industry statistics, there are over 3 million construction companies in the U.S. as of 2021 - a number that is increasing steadily each year. With such market saturation, making sure your construction company stands out from the competition has never been more important. Starting (or growing) your construction company can be simple with effective marketing; and that’s where Real Thread comes in. Custom t-shirts are a creative and cost-effective way to show-off your brand’s unique logo or slogan. 

Think of Real Thread’s t-shirts as a blank blueprint. Construction company shirts can be bold and eye-catching or minimalist and professional. The company logo can be front and center for all potential-customers to see, or simply backdrop for your recognizable slogan. Whatever individual company message you want to convey to customers, construction shirt designs from Real Thread are the communication you need.

Marketing is valuable: meaning a construction company shirt is only as effective as the branding it displays. When analyzing how effectively your logo and slogan are communicating your construction company’s purpose and identity, it can help to take a look at other companies who have mastered it.

Before we get started, check out some t-shirts Real Thread has printed for construction companies like yours: 

Custom t-shirt for Branson Construction.
Branson Construction went with a neutral tonal look for their t-shirt customization.
For employees in the field, an embroidered work shirt is both functional and stylish.

Ok, with that: check out Real Thread’s list of construction companies that are absolutely nailing their designs and get inspired to create your own construction shirt ideas that represent your brand well!

1. Rise Construction Group

Slogan: Home Elevation 

Rise Construction logo

Everyone loves a play on words and Rise Construction Group did not disappoint with their slogan. Specializing in home elevation and raising, they promise to both literally and figuratively take your home to the next level. With a primarily purple logo, the company shows that they value dignity and stability. Customers can trust that Rise Construction Group’s work will reflect this integrity. Not to mention the three pillars and arc logo would look especially professional as a construction t-shirt design.

2. Pyramid Homes, Inc.

Slogan: Your vision. Our expertise.

Pyramid Homes logo

The triangle, a shape known for its structural integrity, is the center of the Pyramid Builders’ company logo. In color and visuals, the construction logo tells the story of dependability and timelessness, just like the ancient pyramids. Customers know with the slogan promise that their construction dreams are achievable and that they can depend on Pyramid Homes to create them. This logo matches perfectly with the company's core values and would be the perfect company construction shirt idea.

3. SkyBuilders USA

Slogan: Beyond the Limits

SkyBuilders USA logo

With shades of blue and perpendicular lines inspired by blueprints, SkyBuilders USA tells customers immediately that they are all about design-build and planning. The reaching rectangles in the logo and the slogan reinforce the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries and going above customer expectations. In the competitive market, knowing that customers can count on SkyBuilders USA to rise above other companies can prove to be beneficial at bringing in business.

4. Energy Roofing Companies

Slogan: Dedicated to Excellence

Energy Roofing Companies logo

This roofing company is all about giving customers sustainable roofing options without sacrificing their budget or level of expertise. The promise of quality roofing is made to customers directly in their slogan, making the company’s qualifications obvious. With their modern logo design, the Energy Roofing company shows their commitment to progress by highlighting their focus on ‘green’ and eco-friendly construction. All of this is within a shape that is easily-recognizable as a roof, so customers know exactly what service specialty the company offers.

5. Pulse Construction Group

Slogan: Keeping Our Finger On the Pulse of Your Project 

Pulse Construction Group logo

Talk about punny marketing. Pulse Constructions has the perfect logo and slogan to match their company name, while still showing clear relevance to construction work. The imagery in the logo combines pulse lines with a skyline of buildings, which lets customers know that their work comes from the heart. It’s almost as if this was made to be worn and displayed as a construction logo for shirts.

Lay the Foundation (😜) for Excellent Branding with Real Thread

You handle the technical building, let Real Thread handle building your construction company t-shirts. Whether you want to display your eye-catching logo or clever company slogan, custom Real Thread products are the next step for bringing your construction t-shirt designs to life. Now that you have branding-inspo, talk to a Real Thread employee about your construction t-shirt design ideas.

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