10 Tips To Determine High-Quality Garments
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10 Tips To Determine High-Quality Garments

We’re here to share ten tips to determine whether a garment is high-quality.

In case you didn’t already know, quality = key. Sourcing high-quality garments for custom apparel is crucial because the quality of the garment directly affects the final product’s appearance, durability, and overall customer satisfaction.

There’s a good chance you’re in the market for high-quality custom apparel, right? 

Figuring out what makes a garment high-quality might not be common knowledge, so we’re here to help you spot critical factors when deciding whether a garment is high-quality. Being in the custom apparel industry since 2009, we know a thing or two about quality- we want what’s best for you. 

We’re here to share ten tips to determine whether a garment is high-quality. Let’s get into it!

BUT FIRST… Why is the use of high-quality garments important?

Overall, sourcing high-quality garments for custom apparel is essential because it ensures that the final product looks professional, is durable, fits well, and satisfies the customer.

  1. Better appearance. High-quality garments tend to have a smoother, more consistent texture and hold their color better over time. This means that the final product will look more professional, and the colors will be more vibrant and long-lasting.
  2. Cost-effectiveness. Although high-quality garments might be more costly upfront, they often last longer and require less-frequent replacement than lower-quality garments, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. Additionally, four main factors will affect how much you spend on your next custom apparel order. 
  3. Sustainable. High-quality garments are often made from sustainable materials and construction methods, which means they have a smaller environmental footprint and contribute less to waste/pollution. 
  4. Increased durability. A high-quality garment will be more durable and hold up better over time, even with repeated washing and wearing. This is important because buyers want their custom apparel to last as long as possible.
  5. Better fit. High-quality garments are often made with more attention to detail, which can result in a better fit for the wearer. 
  6. Enhanced customer satisfaction. Customers who receive high-quality custom apparel are more likely to be satisfied with the garment and recommend the brand or company to others. This can increase customer loyalty and more business in the long run.

Overall, investing in high-quality garments, especially if you’re interested in custom apparel, is worth it for those who value durability, comfort, appearance, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and confidence. 

Now for what you’ve been anticipating: Here are 10 tips to determine high-quality garments 

1. Look for natural fibers.

High-quality garments are often made from natural fibers, like cotton, silk linen, wool, or cashmere. These materials are not only durable, but they also tend to feel more comfortable against the skin and have a better drape.

2. Check the stitching.

The stitching should be tight, even, and straight. Loose or uneven stitching is a sign of poor quality and can cause the garment to fall apart quickly.

3. Look at the seams.

Check for double-stitched seams, which add strength and durability to the garment. Also, check for finished seams, which prevent fraying and help the garment retain its shape over time.

4. Check the lining. 

High-quality garments often have a lining, which adds structure and durability. The lining should be smooth and wrinkle-free.

5. Check the buttons.

High-quality garments typically have buttons made from natural materials like mother-of-pearl or horn. These buttons are more durable and look nicer than plastic buttons.

6. Look at the details.

High-quality garments often display small features that show attention to detail, such as hidden buttons, hand-stitched hems, or reinforced pockets. 

7. Check the fit.

A high-quality garment should fit well and flatter your body. Look for garments that are tailored to your body shape and have a comfortable fit.

8. Consider the brand.

Look for brands that are known for their quality and attention to detail. These brands might be more expensive, but they’re worth the investment if you want a garment that will last you for years. 

9. Check the care label. 

The care label will tell you how to care for the garment to ensure longevity. Garments that require delicate care are often of higher quality and will last longer.

10. Look for a warranty.

Some high-end brands offer warranties on their garments, which can give you peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a quality product backed by the manufacturer.

Now you know how to determine a high-quality garment- want to design your own?

You’ve been taught 10 tips for determining what’s high-quality when it comes to apparel, which include looking for natural fibers, checking the stitching, looking at the seams, checking the lining, checking the buttons, looking at the details, checking the fit, considering the brand, checking the care label, and looking for a warranty. 

If you want to create high-quality custom apparel, we can help. *virtual hug OR high-five, whichever you prefer*

We’ve been in the custom printing and embroidery industry for over a decade, and we value the production of high-quality apparel. 

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Are you interested in learning more about high-quality custom apparel? Let’s do this thing.

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