Why You Should Use Shoppable Posts and IG Ads For Your Clothing Brand
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Why You Should Use Shoppable Posts and IG Ads For Your Clothing Brand

Optimize shoppable posts and Instagram ads by tagging your clothing brands.

As a clothing brand, finding new ways to reach your target audience, build brand authority and increase your sales is essential. One avenue to consider is your customer's shopping habits on Instagram and how you can optimize this tool as a part of a holistic marketing strategy to add to the bottom line. 

Since Instagram is a modern-day storefront with a broad reach, it's an exciting opportunity to reach new and existing customers. Shoppers can discover more about brands and products through relevant, actionable content and messages. It's also a chance for your clothing brand to meet shoppers where they are in their shopping journey.

So how does this work with your clothing brand? 

Your company can optimize shoppable posts and Instagram ads by tagging your clothing brand's tees, hoodies, and other products to create an in-app shopping experience. This can expedite the shopping journey, creating a memorable buying experience, stronger brand loyalty, and more sales. 

Add Shoppable Products Through Product Tagging 

With Instagram, you can highlight shoppable products through product tagging. This can be done everywhere, from your stories and feed to your profile bio and reels. Highlighting shoppable products provides plenty of opportunities to get your clothing brand products in front of new and returning customers. 

According to Instagram, businesses that leveraged product tagging see 37% more sales in their feed posts, and almost half of the people they surveyed say they use Instagram to shop weekly. 

With shoppable posts, users can browse your catalog and shop directly from your Instagram page without leaving the app. This feature makes it easy for customers to make impulse purchases, which can lead to increased sales for your clothing brand.

The fun thing about product tagging is how natural the post or story can be. It's an opportunity to post your tees, hoodies, etc., in a style that makes it feel less like a traditional store and more like an experience. 

Since they never have to leave the app, this expedites checkout and avoids buyers' hesitation. You can get your buyers what they need, when, and how they want it. Meeting your customers where they are will keep them coming back for more. 

Capture your audience's attention with Instagram Ads 

Instagram ads also allow you to reach a larger audience and target potential customers who may need to be aware of your clothing brand. You can use ads to showcase your latest collections and drive traffic to your website or store. 

Because Instagram ads look so similar to posts in the feed or stories, it's visually appealing and can easily capture the attention of your target audience.

What's great about Instagram ads is the ability to turn top-performing posts into ads. If a post about a t-shirt or hoodie is doing exceptionally well, you can quickly boost it to reach further people and increase opportunities to make more sales. 

Since Instagram ads will allow you to collect customer data, you'll be able to understand what customers are looking for, which will help you create more targeted ads. This will also give you insight into which products are performing better. 

Your crowd prefers tees to hoodies or tote bags to hats; specific tee colors rank higher than others. Knowing this information will be vital in creating future lines and designs. You can also use this information to note best sellers to encourage other buyers to jump on board. 

Another feature that should be considered is the ability to announce upcoming clothing brand drops. Businesses with checkout on Instagram can promote exclusive collection drops (psst: maybe a newly printed hoodie for the winter season). People can set a reminder to buy as soon as it's available, so they never miss a beat (or a buy).

Save & share in one central location

Another aspect of shoppable posts and Instagram Ads is the ease of shareability among users. Users can save posts in a shopping collection or even their cart if they are not ready to purchase immediately. It doesn't ever delete the item from your cart, like many online stores (unless the post is deleted entirely), and you don't have to search for a particular item or website again.

With Instagram, sharing a product you like, want to purchase, or have purchased feels more natural. Customers can easily add posts to their stories or send them directly to friends and family. This can do wonders for your clothing brand. People can send other people fun, cool products from your brand for t-shirt giveaways, hoodie launches, or holiday sales. 

Ready To Get Started? 

If you're starting or feel your Instagram strategy needs a makeover, let us provide some inspo. Make sure you're creating high-quality visual content before spending money on advertising. 

We also discovered this helpful video which goes over the best way to create and run Instagram ads in 2023. It's super enjoyable to watch and will get you started with creating ads immediately. 

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