Why T-shirts Will Be Your Best Marketing Strategy

Trying to get someone to commit to using your service or buying your product can be a difficult task when you’re trying to swim upstream in a era of product, service and content overload. However, you can stand out and here’s how: Invest in a marketing strategy that will get used, worn and talked about.

Your key to t shirt marketing strategy success is creating custom printed t-shirts, with an amazing branded design, that will get worn over and over again by employees, customers and your biggest brand evangelist! Let others help you spread the good news, stand out and get talked about.

To get you started, we want to answer a few questions that you might have and need to share with the rest of your team that will help you come up with your best strategy for marketing t shirts yet.

What makes a great shirt?

  • It’s going to have a fun, creative and simple design sharing the story of your company, product, etc. 
  • It’s will be inline with your company’s brand, mission or values 
  • It will relay a message to your audience that you want heard.
  • It’s going to be printed with incredibly soft inks on a super soft t-shirt. 

What are the benefits of a branded t-shirt?

  • It can help you acquire new leads that are qualified and ready to engage with your brand.
  • They can allow for an affordable marketing strategy if you narrow in your efforts. 
  • If done well, they can be a promotional product that will actually get used, not tossed. 
  • You will stand out. People will start to see your shirts everywhere and wonder what they are for and wonder how they can get one since everyone else seems to have one. 
  • Your customers or new leads can easily become loyal brand evangelist that proudly represent a company they believe in, one that makes their life better. They will share how your company solved a problem they had. 
  • They can establish stronger brand recognition. The more people that have and wear them, the more eyes that see and learn about you.
  • Pens, stickers and notebooks are great (we have them too!), but t-shirts can tie your brand collateral package and presentation together. 

How can you grow and nurture new and existing customers using t-shirts?

  • Have them sign up for a free trial and receive a free t-shirt.
  • Host a social media contest. The winner gets a free t-shirt.
  • Send out your t-shirts as a gift to individuals you really want to work with. 
  • Give away a t-shirt as a thank you gift to your best customers. 
  • Give a handful of t-shirts to friends that you know will wear them all the time. 

Your team is apart of your marketing strategy too. Heres why it’s important to invest in them with t-shirts:

  • They unite company culture and create camaraderie, so they’re likely to share positive words with their surrounding community.
  • They inspire unity which ultimately equals more productivity. This could help your business run more efficiently. 
  • Their friends will probably want one too. This sought after tool will keep spreading like wild fire (we promise)! 

If you’re looking for additional resources, to build your best marketing strategy yet, there are tons of FREE templates and educational blog post to that can help guide you in the process. Here are 3 we highly recommend reading now: 

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If you need help getting stared, give us a shout! We're available to you in multiple ways and extended hours now. 

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