When to Hand out Company Branded T-Shirts to Your Employees
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When to Hand out Company Branded T-Shirts to Your Employees

Here are 4 great times to gift a super-soft custom-branded t-shirt.
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Here are 4 great times to gift a super soft custom branded t-shirt: 

1. During the on-boarding process. You know that new person you just hired? Yea, they are probably really excited about their new job! This is an excellent time to give a little “welcome to the team” gift. They’ll feel more apart of the culture as they start their new journey! Remember, employees, new and old, are some of your biggest brand advocates! 

2. With the change of seasons. Depending where you are, you’ll experience seasons (even if it’s just for a few weeks out of the year …. Florida, ahem.). Giving out t-shirts is great, but what about the colder months when those t-shirts are likely traded in for long-sleeves and heavy coats? Why not provide branded gear for all the seasons - Tanks for summer, t-shirts for spring and fall and hoodies for winter? If you gift apparel for the right seasons, it will likely get worn. 

3. As a birthday, holiday or work-a-versary gift. This might seem a bit odd, but it could work. Although everyone loves and appreciates bonuses, especially around the holiday season, it could be fun to wrap that bonus check in company swag as opposed to an envelope or paper that will get tossed. If it becomes a “thing”, people will become really excited when it comes their turn. If it’s an exclusive shirt you only get after X years of working for the company, the anticipation will grow strong. You could also include your employees and offer a chance for them to submit the next design! 

4. When the company is doing well. Again, bonuses go a long way, but company swag last forever. If your team or company is doing really well, especially financially, giving a small thank you token will drive the team to keep going. If you can recognize wins (no matter the size), your employees will feel valued and appreciated! 

If you want to order t-shirts for your team, but need ideas to ensure it will be something they love to wear and talk about, then check out these Top 6 T-shirt Trends happening now. 

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