Trend Report: Patches
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Trend Report: Patches

Hats. Tees. Sweatshirts. All prime candidates for a very stylish patch job.

While demand for custom t-shirts continues to be on the rise (they're kinda the OGs of the custom apparel world), custom patches have also been playing for keeps in the fashion industry.

Typically seen as a 90’s trend, custom embroidered patches are making a big comeback similar to other older fashion statements. If you’re skeptical, listen to this: even big brands like Gucci are embracing the patch resurgence.

Is the fact that custom patches are coming back into the spotlight a good thing? We most certainly think so! If a fashion trend is strong enough to resurface years later then chances are it has some merit.

Their customizability combined with a strong identity are reasons why patches will always be tried and true.

Business or pleasure? A hat with a custom patch on it is a "yes" to both.

Putting the "Custom" in Customization

Custom patches are usually seen on jackets, but what if we told you that they can go nearly anywhere? Scandalous. We know.

Pockets, jeans, shorts and even hats aren’t safe from the custom embroidered patch craze. Any article of clothing with some free blank space can make them work. 

You can incorporate patches into so many different looks due to their color variety, theme and size. Going for a minimalistic look? Choose a solid colored garment and utilize one patch with an intricate design. 

Going for an all-out rebellious look? Grab a jacket and fit as many custom embroidered patches onto it as you can.

Regardless of the look you choose, patches are arguably the Swiss army knives of the fashion industry creating variety and identity in wardrobes everywhere.

Difficulty finding the look that works best for you with all of this at your disposal is now a thing of the past.

a man wears a hat with a sunset patch on it
Oh hey there, cool guy. You come here often?

Patches: Bringing You Into Fashion

How patches are applied is another choice to be made when delving into the world of patch customizability. 

There’s heat application through iron on and heat transfer patches. While this may be one of the more convenient types of patches to use, their lasting power isn’t as high as other options. They certainly get the job done, but after about 25 intense washes any patch will be tapping out. 

Then you have sew-on patches through applique and basic embroidery. This method is more long lasting and the way to go when seeking out permanent additions to your wardrobe. It takes a bit more effort than iron-ons but is more than worth it. 

The real allure of patches though is how they can make any article of clothing entirely unique to you. Custom patches really have the ability to capture your experiences and memories.

They can be based on locations you’ve traveled to, bands that have your undying support or just cool designs you fell in love with. Each patch you gain is another memory made.

Because of this, custom patches allow you to inject your own identity into any outfit you choose, constructing one-of-a-kind looks for one-of-a-kind individuals. 

Fashion is a medium for people to express their personality to the outside world. Patches exemplify this ideal creating outfits that you can’t put a price tag on. 

There’s no better feeling than rocking a jean jacket covered in memories that you can’t find anywhere else. Priceless.

a man wears a custom crewneck sweatshirt with a patch on it
I'll have what he's having (a custom patch) ((and pie—I'll have a slice of that, too)).

Closing Statements

There’s a reason patches have stood the test of time. Being able to create looks filled with so much personality is a hard trait to beat, even for the titans of the fashion industry. Now it’s time to put them to work.

We offer custom embroidery services that tackle the custom patches that aren’t iron on. If you already have patches in mind, send them in and the embroidery team can attach them all!

Still need some help coming up with a plan for your order? Our team can guide you through the process to pinpoint your exact needs. 

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