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Custom T-Shirts That Match Pantone's Color of the Year
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Custom T-Shirts That Match Pantone's Color of the Year

Learn all about Pantone's 2019 color of the year, Living Coral, & what it means for the year ahead.

Every December Pantone, the world’s leading authority on all things color, releases their color of the year for the coming year, a moment eagerly awaited by the design world.

For the year ahead, Pantone chose the color Living Coral, PMS 16–1546. In this post, we’re going to learn more about Pantone’s choice, take a look at what color palettes it works well with, and see a list of the t-shirts with the closest match.

About Living Coral

Historically, when selecting the color of the year, Pantone has been careful to note that their color choice isn’t necessarily what they think reflects the current state of the world as much as it’s meant to reflect what the world needs.

Evoking equal parts vibrancy and calmness, Living Coral “embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment,” says Pantone.

In an effort to combat the “onslaught of digital technology and social media,” Pantone landed on Living Coral, “a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.”

T-Shirts That Match Living Coral

Pantone chose a unique color for the year, making it pretty tricky to find a lot of t-shirts to match it. Living Coral is not quite orange, but not pink either, putting it in a middle ground that not a lot of t-shirt manufacturers have explored with their color offerings.

That being said, here are our closest color matches for those of you looking to wear Living Coral in 2019.

Bella+Canvas in Coral

Perhaps the closest match to PMS 16–1546 is Bella+Canvas’ Coral. Makes sense, right?

This particular colorway has a bit more of an orange hue to it, but it’s pretty darn close to being a clean match. If you’re looking for your closest possible t-shirt color for Living Coral, this is it.

Bella+Canvas gives us a variety of styles to choose from. The Bella 8881 is a soft, flowy top with an incredibly soft, light feel.

The Bella Canvas 3001 T-Shirt is a staple in the t-shirt world. This 100% cotton crewneck is always a good choice.

The Bella 8880 Boxy Tank is a comfortable, fashion-forward tank top that’ll be great for wearing Living Coral into the Summer.

Bella+Canvas in Sunset

Living Coral is a bright, vibrant color, and while a lot of people are into wearing colors like that, many prefer to wear more muted options day-to-day. If that’s you, we’d recommend checking out Bella+Canvas’ Sunset color option.

Again available in a variety of different t-shirt blends and styles, you have a lot of options here on how to wear it. The Canvas 3001, mentioned earlier, will be your standard crewneck t-shirt version.

The Bella 8803 is actually a blend of polyester and viscose. Trust us when we say that it’s the softest tank top you’ll ever feel.

Then there’s the Bella 8512, a fashion-forward hoodie available in Bella+Canvas’ super soft tri-blend material. Big thanks to Bella+Canvas for giving us so many ways to wear Living Coral (or something like it) this year.

Tultex 241 in Heather Orange

Another reliable option for a Living Coral lookalike is the Tultex 241 in Heather Orange. It’ll come off slightly more orange than Living Coral itself, but is still a pretty close option.

Color Palettes That Work With Living Coral

Like Pantone mentioned in their statement, Living Coral can be perceived as both vibrant and mellow, and this stands true when paired with other colors. Depending on the colors it’s paired with, PMS 16–1546 can be used to either stand out or provide balance.


We really like the look of Living Coral paired with closely-related colors. Living somewhere in the middle of pink and orange, Living Coral looks nice in a palette including both of them.


Named for its natural appearance in coral reefs, Living Coral looks at home in its natural surrounding. Pairing Living Coral with vivid aquatic colors creates a bold but soothing look.

Natural, earthy

We’re big fans of Living Coral when matched with more earthy, natural tones. Living Coral provides a lot of contrast in this palette, really letting the color pop next to the others.

All in all, we’re fans of Pantone’s choice of Living Coral for 2019’s color of the year. The upbeat, down-to-earth color evokes feelings of excitement and optimism –– feelings we’re trying to carry into the new year and beyond.

If you’re looking to print on any of the t-shirts listed above, let us know! We’d be happy to help you be one of the first to wear Pantone’s new color of the year.